Elon Musk responds to Glenn Beck’s interview with friend David Sacks on ‘bronze tier’ US foreign policy

Glenn Beck’s interview with David Sachs caught the attention of Elon Musk on Sunday, as the Twitter CEO expressed concern about the State Department’s controversial efforts to expand NATO amid the conflict in Ukraine. .

“US foreign policy is bronze on a good day!” Elon Musk tweeted in response to a clip from Beck’s interview with Sachs that premiered on Saturday.Glenn Beck Podcast.”

“How likely do you think we are heading for war? What does that mean?” Beck asked, noting that China and Russia are forging closer alliances. .

“Since the beginning of the situation in Ukraine, I have been warning about this. Russia and Ukraine.

Sachs supported his statement on the “proxy war of choice” by pointing out that the United States is providing funds, weapons, and information.

Sachs highlighted the controversial US action of “drawing targets” on the backs of Russian generals and bragging about providing information used to sink Russia’s flagship, Moscow. Beck asked the audience to imagine the reaction if Soviet political leader Leonid Brezhnev had taken similar actions during the war. Vietnam War.

“We were involved in a series of actions dating back to 2008, which Russia considered very provocative,” Sachs said, adding that Russia “absolutely tolerated” attempts to bring Ukraine into NATO. I can’t,” he added, adding that he repeatedly warned.

“There are crusaders in the State Department who just want to keep expanding NATO,” Sachs said.

According to Sachs, the US reaction to the Soviet Union’s attempt to bring nuclear weapons into Cuba in 1962 is comparable to Russia’s reaction today to an attempt to bring Ukraine into NATO. He said both moves could be viewed as “intolerable security threats” from their respective countries’ perspectives.

Sachs also talked about his friendship with Musk during an interview.

“I think it’s great what he’s done with Twitter with Twitter files,” Sachs said, adding that he’s known the billionaire Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX businessman for more than 20 years.

“What you see is what you got with him,” Sachs said. We talked.

Musk’s reaction to the interview with Sachs wasn’t the first time he’s commented on Beck’s show.

Musk also commented on Beck’s January interview with San Francisco author Dr. Michael Shellenberger.Shellenberger believes masks are the world’s Most Used Social Media Platformssocial media platform as a “major obstacle on the agenda of the World Economic Forum”.

“I think he saw the dark side of that hyper-ukeism,” said Shellenberger. “His acquisition of Twitter is probably the most important thing he’s done.”

“He basically says that ordinary people should be on a level platform … and stop censoring ordinary people because the elite demands it,” Shellenberger told Beck. rice field.

“Citizen journalism is essential to the future of civilization,” Musk said.

project veritas He was among news outlets, reporters and consumers who expressed their agreement and appreciation for Musk’s tweets in support of citizen journalism.

Watch Beck’s full interview with David Sacks on episode 178 of The Glenn Beck Podcast below.

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