Emails Show Elementary School Attempts To Socially Transition Child, Despite Parents’ Objection

A Colorado elementary school attempted to socially transition a young child — using pronouns and a name that does not align with the child’s biological sex — despite the parents explicitly asking educators not to, according to emails.

The emails, obtained by the concerned parent group Parents Defending Education via a public records request, appear to show the assistant principal of Laurel Elementary School asking the Poudre School District’s “Chief Academic & Equity Officer” what to do when parents asked educators not to use a child’s preferred pronouns and name.

“I’m wondering about what to do when an elementary school student has expressed their pronouns and chosen name but their parents directly tell school staff not to call the student by those pronouns,” an April 4 email from the assistant principal read. “I feel very strongly about supporting the student but have heard we legally have to follow the parents’ direction due to the age of the child (elementary school).”

The district’s equity officer responded April 5 and stated that educators should use the preferred pronouns and names of students, despite parents’ objections.

“Schools should use the student’s affirming name and pronouns at school and use their legal name and corresponding pronouns when talking with the family until they are supportive of the student’s new name and pronouns,” the equity officer responded.

A separate email from the district’s LGBTQIA+ coordinator reaffirmed the inquiry officer’s sentiment. The following portion of the coordinator’s email was redacted from public records.

Erika Sanzi, the director of outreach for Parents Defending Education, told the Daily Caller that the decision for educators to transition a child in elementary school is “unconscionable.” (RELATED: Pennsylvania Middle School Asks Teachers To use SStudents’ Preferred Name, Pronouns Without Informing Parents)

“It is no longer up for debate that schools across the country in red and blue states are withholding information from parents about the gender transition of their children, but that deception and breach of trust usually occurs at the middle and high school level,” Sanzi said. “These emails reveal that elementary school staff were given a directive to facilitate the gender transition of an elementary school student, despite the parents’ objections. It is unconscionable.”

Laurel Elementary School and Poudre School District did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

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