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Enabling Hamas’ warmonger, ‘pro-Palestine’ protesters’ hate and other commentary

Middle East Watch: Supporting Hamas’ warmongers

The Wall Street Journal reported on text messages from Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar that “reveal a callous disregard for human life and make clear that Sinwar believes Israel has more to lose from a war than Hamas.” Sanders commentator Seth Mandel“Every time a diplomatic breakthrough has come into sight, Sinwar has personally ordered an escalation of violence.”

However, after “Israel eliminated Hamas’ deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri,” Sinwar “fled and was isolated.” But then the West abandoned its goal of “dismantling and defeating Hamas.” Today, “all countries except Israel have directly or indirectly recalibrated their approach to the conflict to prioritize Hamas’ survival.” Incredibly, “Hamas was backed into a corner and Sinwar was prepared to lose,” but then the U.S. “gave up on victory,” and “Sinwar’s war continues.”

Reporter: Hatred among ‘pro-Palestinian’ protesters

As she was covering a rally in Union Square, “dozens of protesters swarmed me and surrounded me to block the view.” Olivia Reingold of the Free Press said:“A man blew an air horn in my ear,” and “a girl jumped on my notebook, grabbed it and ripped the metal spine off.”

But “this was very minor. For anyone perceived to be Jewish who happens to be near these rioters, or for someone like a security guard trying to keep the peace, the interactions are often much more disastrous.” At these protests, “it is not uncommon to see symbols of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, and even Nazi swastikas.” “Anti-Israel protesters…claim they support peace, but they find creative ways to justify Hamas violence.”

Ukraine Desk: Biden’s Dripping Disaster

“The Biden Administration’s policy of ‘enough is’ is proving insufficient to win in Ukraine.” A warning to The Hill’s Jonathan Sweet and Mark Toth“It is merely a simplified and reactive response to the critical battlefield demands that threaten Ukraine’s survival” and “in its efforts to avoid escalation, it is actually causing escalation.” Caught in an “increasingly contagious escalation paralysis,” the Biden administration needs to “get out of Ukraine’s way” and give the administration “full authority to strike Russian targets that pose a ‘clear and present danger'” to Ukrainian forces and people. “‘Enough’ is simply not enough.”

Winning in basketball: The WNBA is wasting its golden eggs

“WNBA rookie Kaitlyn Clark is the Tiger Woods of the sport.” The Wall Street Journal’s Jason L. Reilly declares:She led the league whole Clark is a much more lucrative WNBA player, and she’s the reason this year’s NCAA women’s championship “drew more television viewers than the men’s final for the first time in history.” “But somehow, Clark wasn’t selected for the 12-player team that will represent the United States at the Summer Olympics in Paris.” Hmm, if the WNBA is so desperate to expand its brand, why not “promote the biggest star in sports?” Maybe WNBA executives are nervous about a straight white woman becoming the face of a league dominated by black, gay women. But “fans don’t seem to mind.” Clark “may not live up to expectations, but there’s no reason for the WNBA not to capitalize on them while they’re still there.”

Focus on the economy: learning from Argentina

“Government excesses, which the Biden administration has taken to new levels, have pushed the country into an inflationary spiral.” Veronique de Rougy shouts in Reason magazineBy spending trillions of dollars, “the White House has flooded the economy and destroyed consumer purchasing power.” But rather than change course, “the President has shifted the blame,” falsely claiming that inflation was near double digits when he took office. He would do better to follow the lead of Argentina’s new president, Javier Milley, who “imposed fiscal restraints on the government and closed agencies and programs” that were once considered sacrosanct. Now, “inflation is falling, incomes are rising, and the country is fast becoming a shining beacon of economic prosperity,” and Milley’s policies “offer a promising path to economic recovery” for his country. and America.

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