Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s Electric Car Road Trip Implodes

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was determined to show America how great electric cars are, only to prove that the technology is not even close to being perfected yet.

“When Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm set out on a four-day road trip in her electric car this summer, she knew charging could be a challenge,” says NPR’s Welfare Queens report. “But she probably didn’t expect anyone to call the police.”

Police were called after Granholm’s advance team used a petrol vehicle to block her access to a charging point. On a “sweltering day,” a gas-sucking player on Granholm’s team just sat there until a family with a baby became “very upset” and called the police, NPR reported. It is said that

However, despite the efforts of the advance team to avoid disturbing Granholm by ingesting large amounts of gas, the journey remained difficult. Big failure:

But Granholm’s entourage has had to deal with current limitations from time to time between stops. Like when her EV caravan, which included a luxury Cadillac, a large Ford F-150, and an affordable Bolt electric utility vehicle, was planning a quick charge in Grovetown, Georgia, outside Augusta. .

Her advance team realized they were missing the necessary plugs. One of her four chargers at the station was broken and the others were in use. So Department of Energy officials tried to park non-electric vehicles near active chargers to make room for the approaching Energy Secretary.

And that’s when the police were called.

The sheriff’s office could do nothing. In Georgia, it is not illegal for vehicles other than EVs to claim charging spots. Department of Energy staff scrambled to bring the situation under control, including sending other vehicles to slower chargers until both the disgruntled family and the secretary had room to charge.

The conclusion is this…

If you’re sure you’ll only need the car to drive within a certain range, an electric car is fine. you go to work you go to the store. You pick up the kids. watch a movie you go home Just connect the suction cup and you’ll be ready to go the next morning. Are you okay. wonderful.


If you miss a charge and have to change your routine, you’re entering a world no one on the go wants to be in: uncertainty and inconvenience. You 1) find a charger, 2) hope the charger fits your car, 3) hope the charger isn’t defective, and 4) there’s a line of cars waiting to use the charger. 5) You have to hope your charger is fast. charger.

Road trips should be fun, not stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is being stranded on the side of the road. And the best case scenario is that he finds an available fast charger that is working, but still plans to stop for 30 minutes.

My wife and I go camping all the time. We tow a 6 foot travel trailer. It’s stressful enough trying to find a gas station that isn’t full of cars and has the turning space you need. I can’t imagine constantly feeling stressed out, especially when I’m climbing a hill, watching the “mileage remaining” counter ticking down. Even if you’re lucky all the time, you’ll still be stressed out. No, thanks.

There’s also the problem that all these states, like California, have refused to expand their power grids and are already experiencing power outages. California can’t stand cities full of electric cars.

Like everything else about the climate change hoax, it’s all very stupid.

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