Energy Secretary Traveled To Tout Green Tech, Police Were Involved When There Weren’t Enough EV Chargers

Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, was touring the southeastern United States in a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) to promote green energy when a family member forced an employee to call the police, NPR reported.

Granholm’s electric vehicle, which included a Cadillac and a Ford F-150, needed charging, so it was taken to a fast-charging station in Grovetown, Georgia, NPR reported. At the charging station he had 4 chargers, one of which was broken and the others were used.

Her staff tried to secure one of the chargers for her and blocked it with a non-electric vehicle, NPR reported.

According to NPR, a family trying to charge their car was “stranded with a baby in the car on a sweltering day.” The family reported the incident to Granholm’s police team.

Domonoske said the sheriff’s office responded but “couldn’t do anything” because “it is not illegal in Georgia for non-EV vehicles to claim charging spots.”

Mr. Granholm’s staff eventually shuffled other vehicles onto slow chargers, leaving room for both the frustrated family and secretary to charge,” NPR reported. (Related: Biden’s Energy Secretary says ‘we can all learn from China’ on climate policy)

The embattled energy secretary has previously faced backlash over his role at bankrupt electric bus company Proterra. According to reports, Granholm held shares in failed companies despite his role in regulating the industry. Associated Press.

Granholm too Admitted She complained to Parliament in 2021 that she had breached the Stocks Act. “I wasn’t able to submit a report the first year that I thought was supposed to be submitted at the end of the year, and it was delayed because I had to submit it three months in advance,” she said, a Missouri Republican state senator. told Josh Hawley.

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