Eric Clapton Helps Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Raise $2.2 Million 

Rock legend Eric Clapton helped Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. raise $2.2 million at a private fundraising event in Los Angeles on Monday night.

“Hi, Robert. Hello everyone. I just want to say that I look forward to seeing you all live soon for truth, unity, peace, and the prosperity of the Kennedy team. “It’s just that,” Clapton said. Said he said in a video message ahead of Monday night’s fundraiser. “see you soon.”

$2.2 million raised That includes $1 million for Kennedy’s campaign and $1.2 million for political action committees supporting Democratic candidates.

Tickets for the fundraiser started at $3,300 and went up to $6,600. In a statement released Tuesday, Kennedy thanked Clapton and his band for their participation in the private fundraiser. kennedy Said:

A big thank you to Eric Clapton for bringing his musical artistry and rebellious spirit to my gathering in Los Angeles last night. I sometimes think that in a divided society, music, more than any intellectual consensus, has the greatest potential to bring us back together.

Eric sings from the depths of the human heart. If he sees in me the potential to bring unity to this country, it’s because artists like him awaken a hidden faith in the infinite power of humanity to overcome any obstacle. None other than that.

Clapton and Kennedy have opposed coronavirus vaccines before. hollywood reportr I got it..

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