Escaped New Jersey inmate Edward Berbon recaptured after walking away from halfway house

A New Jersey fugitive was recaptured Friday, nearly a week after escaping from custody, authorities announced.

Edward Bourbon, 54, was taken into custody without incident shortly before 2:30 p.m. after being located in Camden by Fugitive Unit investigators, the New Jersey Department of Corrections said.

“We deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Special Investigations Division in locating and detaining this individual,” Chief Victoria L. Coon said in a written statement. She added, “The New Jersey Department of Corrections’ Fugitive Unit is one of the best at the job, and I thank them for their efforts in quickly solving this case.”

Bourbon was in a residential community release program, but did not return to the Camden County isolation facility on Sept. 23 after completing his shift at Mount Laurel. Officials said the work release program is designed to help inmates nearing the end of their sentences reintegrate into the community.

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Edward Bourbon, 54, was rearrested without incident in Camden, New Jersey, on Friday after authorities said he escaped from custody just five months before he was scheduled to be released. (Mount Laurel Police Department)

Authorities considered Belbon a fugitive, but said there was no information that he posed a threat to the community.

Belbon has been detained since 2005 on suspicion of attempting to murder his parents and was scheduled to be released on February 12, 2024.

mount laurel police car

Mount Laurel Police said Bourbon failed to report to the Residential Community Release Program on Sept. 23. (Mount Laurel Police Department)

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Authorities say he attacked his parents at their home in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, in July 2004, just hours after being released from prison. His parents survived, but what caused those attacks remains unknown.

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Belbon previously served a prison sentence for theft and robbery.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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