Esper: Former military leaders should stay out of Trump immunity debate 

Former Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Tuesday that former military leaders should not be involved in discussions about executive privilege related to former President Trump.

“I hope retired admirals and generals don’t get involved in these issues,” Esper said. Said Appears on “CNN This Morning” with anchor Casey Hunt.

Esper’s comments follow an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court on Monday by more than a dozen retired four-star generals, admirals and other former military leaders, which states that the He expressed his opposition to the request for exemption. A group of former military leaders said in a prepared statement that President Trump’s claims “threaten the military’s role in American society, our nation’s constitutional order, and our national security.”

“The concept of such an exemption could endanger our national security and international leadership, both in general and in the context of the potential denial of election results,” the brief said. It’s dark. “Such threats are intolerable and dangerous, especially in times like these when anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes are on the rise around the world.”

Mr. Hunt also noted that Trump’s defense team argued several months ago that former executives have broad immunity from criminal prosecution, meaning that even if the president orders a sixth SEAL team to kill a political opponent, the president will not be prosecuted. He also mentioned that he had made a claim that

“The hypothesis…that SEAL Team 6 is being used for extermination…that’s just ridiculous,” Esper replied. “So I — you know, Mr. President — my views don’t have that immunity.”

Esper, who is now a frequent critic of Trump and has said he would not vote for his former boss, appears hesitant to vote for President Biden.

“I’m not there yet,” Esper said recently on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” when asked by comedian Bill Maher if he would vote for the current president. “I will never vote [former President Trump], but I’m not there yet. ”

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