ESPN’s Desmond Howard calls out Pete Thamel for hiding from Michigan fans

Tensions were high on ESPN’s “College Gameday,” which was set ahead of Saturday’s The Game.

As a result, during the pre-match broadcast, there was a slight argument among colleagues over the Worldwide Leader.

ESPN analyst Desmond Howard, a University of Michigan alumnus, said the network’s college football reporter Pete Thamel reported from inside Michigan Stadium rather than face-to-face with the Big Blue crowd during a gameday panel. criticized for doing so.

Thamel, who reported on Michigan’s sign-stealing scandal on ESPN, reportedly received threats from Wolverine fans ahead of the team’s matchup against Ohio State.

“Week 13, what are we? So we’ve been doing this for 12, 13 weeks,” Howard said. “He was always in the crowd giving reports. What the hell is Pete in the stadium for? That’s what made me drop everything. I put on my big boy pants and ever… Like, do that in a crowd. That surprised me.”

Gameday host Rece Davis immediately tried to write off Howard’s knockout attack on Thamel.

“Come on, dude,” Davis said. “He’s had some threats from some crazy end and he’s dealt with that, that’s all.”

Desmond Howard on the set of “ESPN College Gameday” on Saturday.

“He’ll be fine because we have security,” Howard retorted. “The people here are nice. They’re nice here. They’re not going to do anything. He’ll be fine. [Put your] The big boy is wearing pants. ”

Unsurprisingly, Howard’s comments were not well-received in the social media world.

ESPN's Pete Thamel reported from inside Michigan Stadium on Saturday.
ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported from inside Michigan Stadium on Saturday.

“Desmond Howard threw Pete Thamel under the bus and said, ‘Put on your big boy pants,’ and yet he’s on set on college game day wearing gloves and something over his ears. It’s certainly ironic that it’s just Howard,” Buckeye fan Josh Poloja said. , wrote in X, “Desmond Howard continues to be the absolute worst.”

“Wow, Desmond Howard may honestly be a lunatic after it was revealed that his show covered up one of the biggest cheating scandals in sports,” said another X user, Bobby. Silver wrote. “Based on the crazy Michigan bulletin board, Thamel and ESPN tried to downplay legitimate concerns for his safety.”



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