European Parliament Chooses Abortion Activists as Finalists for Human Rights Award

The European Parliament (EP) has named three finalists for the prestigious Sakharov Freedom of Thought Prize who “fight for free, safe and legal abortion”, including Planned Parenthood abortionist Colleen McNicholas. women were selected.

3 abortions defender EP’s shortlist includes Poland’s “Abortion Dream Team” member Justyna Widzińska, El Salvadoran feminist and abortion activist Morena Herrera, and Chief Medical Officer for Family Planning in the St. Louis region. Colleen McNicholas is listed.

According to flattery profile women’s fashion magazine marie claireMcNicholas “zigzagged across the Midwest” to provide abortions, and by the end of her eight-hour workday, “she would have terminated 31 pregnancies.”

“Part of the problem with working so hard and feeling so passionate about an issue is that it’s hard to say no,” McNicholas says. “It’s hard to say, ‘We can’t do that,’ because that means someone goes without care. What that means is you’re probably going to end up having a baby that you don’t want.”

“So in the end you say, ‘I can do one more day,’ or ‘I can go to one more place,'” she added.

Polish activist Justyna Widzińska speaks to the press after being found guilty of aiding an abortion in Warsaw District Court on March 14, 2023. (WOJTEK RADWANSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

The European Parliament recognized Ms. McNicholas as “an American obstetrician-gynecologist with a proven track record of high-quality patient care and impactful reproductive health advocacy, for which she was honored with the annual Freedom of Thought Award for Individuals. He is a strong candidate for the Sakharov Prize, which is given to the world. Since 1988, she has founded an organization that defends human rights and fundamental freedoms. ”

In addition to the abortion triad, the EP also considers Zina Mahsa Amini and Iran’s Women, Life and Freedom Movement, as well as Burma Nuñez de Escorcia and Nicaragua’s Bishop Rolando José Álvarez Lagos.

Members of the Foreign Affairs and Development Committee selected the final candidates in a joint vote on Thursday, October 12th.

The Council of Presidents of the European Parliament will select the winners on Thursday, October 19th, and they will receive their awards at a ceremony on December 13th in the European Parliament’s Hemicycle in Strasbourg.

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