EU’s #MeToo Push Risks Putting Every Man ‘Under General Suspicion’

MEPs have warned that pushing for MeToo, which is supposed to tackle sexual harassment issues within the European Union, risks exposing all men to “general suspicion”.

Christine Anderson, a member of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, has expressed serious concern about the European Parliament’s recent attempts to curb sexual harassment.

The legislature on Thursday adopted a report calling for further action against sexual harassment, arguing that so-called “gender-based violence” should be outlawed under European law.

But Anderson said in an interview with Breitbart Europe that he fears the EU’s ongoing campaign has gone too far and that ultimately every man risks being accused of some form of sexual misconduct. expressed.

“There should be no sexual harassment in the workplace,” she explained. “But the EU ban has sped up so much here that in the future all men at work will be subject to general suspicion just for being there.”

German parliamentarians claimed to have been approved report The organization, which pledges strong allegiance to the MeToo movement, ultimately went “too far” and if the city of Brussels is really serious about targeting sexual violence, especially sexual violence in romantic relationships, He argued that a more targeted approach to the problem should be taken.

“If you can statistically identify who is harassing you, where and to what extent, it makes a lot more sense in terms of curbing sexual harassment,” Anderson said.

“The result will be effective border security and consistent deportation,” she added. “There is evidence that women are unjustly harassed by immigrants from the East and Africa.”

To justify this claim, AfD parliamentarians cited statistics published According to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police, it appears that people with certain immigrant backgrounds are more likely to commit rape and other sexual crimes against intimate partners.

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