‘Every Politician Who Votes Against Gun Reform Is a Murderer’

Left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler has come up with a novel way to push for gun control. She accuses politicians who vote against gun control to be actual killers.

Chelsea Handler did not mention the actual killer in response to Monday’s shooting at a Christian school in Nashville. attacked

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

“Any politician who votes against gun reform is a killer,” she tweeted Tuesday. “Watching children get shot or taking money from the NRA is a crime against humanity. The same people denied climate change because ‘it doesn’t matter’.” look at us all

After the shooter was revealed to be transgender, other Hollywood celebrities joined the chorus in what appeared to be a concerted effort to regain control of the media narrative.

Rob Reiner accused Republican lawmakers “who care more about donations from the gun lobby than about slaughtering children.”

Star Trek actor George Takei simply denounced “Republicans”.

NBC’s West Wing Star Bradley Whitford said those who support the Second Amendment belong to a “death cult.”

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