Ex-CBS CEO Les Moonves fined for allegedly tampering with sexual assault probe into him

Former CBS President and CEO Les Moonves was arrested this month after being found to have tried to influence a now-retired LAPD lieutenant to intervene in a sexual assault investigation. Had to pay $1250.

According to legal documents from the Los Angeles Ethics Commission obtained by a local NBC affiliate, Moonves agreed to pay a fine after attempting to obstruct an investigation into him.

Moonves resigned from CBS in 2018 after 12 women accused the executive of sexual misconduct in two New Yorker articles published by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow. .

The former CEO denied the accusations against him.

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Former CBS president Les Moonves was recently ordered to pay a fine for obstructing an LAPD investigation until he was accused of sexual assault. (Tara Zimba/Contributor)

A New York Times report at the time of Moonves’ departure accused the former network chief of destroying evidence related to his own misconduct investigation and misleading investigators involved.

According to Los Angeles Ethics Commission documents, Moonves provided confidential information about a sexual assault investigation to now-retired Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Corey Palka after a former employee accused him in 2017. induced to provide it.

The alleged victim, Phyllis Gottlieb, told reporters in 2022 that Moonves assaulted her in 1986 while working for him. Mr. Moonves denies the charges, but the case should not have been prosecuted because it is beyond the statute of limitations. .

Still, Moonves was punished by Palca for leaking information about the official investigation.

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Officers outside the headquarters

According to legal documents, Moonves sought confidential information about a sexual assault case against her from a now-retired Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant. (Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Palka said Hollywood also had jurisdiction and “met privately with Mr. Moonves on November 25, 2017 at a restaurant in Westlake Village and shared what was supposed to be confidential information.” NBC4 reported.

The two discussed confidential information about the investigation on other occasions, and in December of that year, Moonves texted Palka about the incident.

Mr. Palka exchanged messages again in 2018, following Mr. Moonves’ resignation. “I am very sorry that this has happened. I will always support you and remain loyal to you,” the former captain told Moonves, documents said. .

In 2022, the Los Angeles Police Department launched its own investigation into Palka’s interactions with Moonves. At the time, Los Angeles Police Department Commissioner Michael Moore said, “Most horrifying are the allegations of breach of trust towards victims of sexual assault.This undermines public trust and does not reflect our values ​​as an organization.” issued a statement.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Paramount and CBS News for comment and is awaiting a response.

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