Ex of Queens woman killed by her landlord boyfriend unable to make sense of murder

The ex-husband of a Queens woman who was allegedly killed along with two of her tenants by her boyfriend Tuesday couldn’t understand her “shocking” murder.

Steve Fields, 63, told the Post that Colleen Caesar’s untimely death at the hands of her new boyfriend, David Daniel, was “shocking, shocking and heartbreaking.”

“If you’re feeling pressured and your relationship isn’t working, move on and separate,” Fields said in an interview Wednesday.

Daniel is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend and two other tenants, Wayne Thomas, 57, and Evette Sweeney, 55, at their St Albans home.

Police discovered the body after the homeowner went into a local police station and calmly told them he had done something bad, police sources said.

Daniel, 54, told police he was “having issues” with tenants over unpaid rent, and later told the Post that “pure pressure” is suspected of killing the three victims. Ta.

Mr Fields said he could not understand why Caesar – also known by his former partner of 10 years and his married name – was the target of the deadly knife attack.

Colleen Caesar, 51, was killed Tuesday after she was suspected of also killing two of her boyfriend’s tenants.
Facebook/Colleen Caesar

She was found face down in an upstairs bedroom with her throat cut and multiple stab wounds, police said.

“Despite what you’re going through, you won’t kill your girlfriend,” he said. “You have a problem with her tenant, but she has nothing to do with her.”

Fields said Caesar, 51, is originally from Guyana and has two adult children and a grandchild. She said they have remained friends even after they separated in 2019 and her divorce was finalized in 2021.

Caesar was the mother of two adult children and one grandchild.
Obtained from NY Post

“Colleen was a loving and kind person with a big heart,” Fields, 63, said. “We had a good time. It didn’t work out and we went our separate ways, but we remained friends and still talk.”

He said he had never met Daniel or knew much about him and could not understand why his ex-boyfriend was killed if it was really a dispute between a landlord and a tenant.

“Doesn’t make sense, tenant and girlfriend? How do you connect both?” asked Field. “I still don’t understand.”

Daniel reportedly entered the police station and confessed to the gruesome murder in an eerily calm manner.
Pool photo provided by: TV
Daniels is accused of fatally stabbing the three victims at a St. Albans home where they lived.
Oliya Scooter Caster/FreedomNewsTV

Mr. Fields and Mr. Caesar dated for 10 years, and were married for six and a half of those years.

“We were married. We were happy,” he said. “Things changed. There was stress. But I wouldn’t do that to someone I love.”



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