Ex-Spanish Football prez Luis Rubiales accused of more ‘inappropriate’ kissing at World Cup

FIFA is considering a harsher sanction than the three-year ban imposed on former Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales, the international football federation announced in a written statement on Wednesday.

After Spain beat England in the Women’s World Cup final in August, Rubiales was suspended for three years from all football-related activities on October 30 for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips without her consent. received.

Rubiales was also seen grabbing her crotch next to Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter in the VIP area after the final.

The summary said Rubiales on several occasions violated basic rules of polite behavior, used offensive gestures and acted in ways that brought the game into disrepute.

The report also includes submissions from Football Association president Debbie Hewitt, who alleges Rubiales cupped England player Laura Coombs’ face during the medal ceremony, caressed England player Laura Coombs’ face and・He stated that he appeared to have forcibly kissed the bronze player’s face.


In response, Rubiales said he was trying to console Coombs because he was injured and had a bandage on his head, adding that the bronze medal went to Spain’s Super Cup champions and that Rubiales also took part in the celebrations. Stated.

“The Commission is tempted to impose a more severe sanction, taking into account the seriousness and seriousness of the incident in question and the significant negative impact that the defendant’s actions have had on the image of FIFA, women’s football and the world of women’s sport. “We wanted to emphasize that we are driven by sports in general,” FIFA said.

The disciplinary committee further said that despite “strong hesitation” it was satisfied that a three-year ban would have the necessary deterrent effect.

When FIFA announced the ruling in October, Rubiales said he intended to appeal and accused FIFA of not giving him a chance to defend himself.

“We will take every last step to ensure justice is served and the truth comes out,” he said in a statement on social media.

The commission said it cannot ignore the impact that Rubiales’ actions had on Hermoso’s mental health and career, and that Rubiales used his position to make comments the player wrote or did not authorize. He also said that he had issued a statement using

The committee stressed that such kissing by the president of the association towards a national team player (of the opposite sex) under his leadership and responsibility is completely unacceptable.

It stated that it was satisfied that there was no agreement between the parties as to the possibility of a kiss and that the players’ actions prior to the kiss did not in any way indicate that they wished for or consented to a kiss.

England's Lucy Bronze celebrates her first goal
Rubiales is also accused of kissing England’s Lucy Bronze during the World Cup. Action images via Reuters

FIFA said any party wishing to appeal must announce its intention in writing within three days of notification of the reasons for the decision.



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