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Ex-White House doctor Ronny Jackson calls on Biden to take drug test before Trump debate

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First appeared on FOX: In a new letter, White House physician turned congressman Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) is calling for President Biden to submit to drug testing before Thursday’s CNN presidential debate with former President Trump.

In a three-page message to Biden and his physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Jackson called for “clinically validated drug testing.”

“This drug testing should occur both immediately prior to and after the debate and should include, but not be limited to, performance-enhancing drugs,” Jackson wrote.

He said the debates “provide the American public with an opportunity to gain critical insight into each candidate’s specific policy positions, an opportunity to demonstrate each candidate’s leadership qualities and style, and an opportunity to observe the candidates’ ability to perform in an unscripted, high-pressure environment.”

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Ronny Jackson, Joe Biden

Former White House physician and Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas (left) said special counsel Robert Hur’s report “vindicates” what he and many Americans have known all along: that there are “serious problems” with President Biden. (Getty Images)

“The American people must have absolute confidence in the President’s ability to fulfill his duties as Head of State and Commander in Chief, and his performance in the debates must demonstrate his personal ability to carry out these important duties without the use of performance-enhancing or mood-altering drugs of any kind,” the letter said.

He pointed to a recent Wall Street Journal report, citing interviews with more than 40 people, that portrayed the 81-year-old leader as losing his sharpness amid increasingly complex issues at home and abroad.

Biden and his Democratic allies fired back at the report, calling it an attack piece on Republicans.

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Jackson also addressed special counsel Robert Hur’s interview with Biden about his handling of classified documents, with Hur saying jurors might view the president as “a caring, well-meaning old man with a fragile memory.”

She also accused Biden of using performance-enhancing drugs during the State of the Union address, saying the president was “sweating profusely, shouting at the camera, not blinking and frequently using quick hand movements.”

Donald Trump

President Biden will face former President Trump in Thursday’s “CNN presidential debate.” (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Several recent polls have shown Biden’s age to be a top concern for voters.

March The New York Times/Siena College According to the poll, 61% of respondents who voted for Biden in 2020 agreed that “Joe Biden is too old to be a successful president.”

“President Biden, over 100 members of Congress have requested that you undergo cognitive testing on five separate occasions during your presidency, but those requests have been ignored by you and your physician, Dr. O’Connor,” Jackson wrote. “During his presidency, President Donald J. Trump set a precedent by documenting and demonstrating the sound mental capacity necessary to perform the duties of the office of the presidency.”

“Unfortunately, President Biden’s refusal to submit to cognitive testing, and Dr. O’Connor’s refusal to inform the American people about the President’s true mental and physical fitness to perform the duties of his duties, are of great concern to the nation as the American public witnesses the President’s continuing cognitive decline.”

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Prior to being elected to Congress, Jackson served as White House physician under both President Trump and former President Obama.

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When asked if he thought Trump should also take the same drug test before the CNN presidential debate, Jackson’s spokesperson told Fox News Digital, “This is a concern specific to Biden based on the inexplicable change in his demeanor during the debate.” [State of the Union]President Trump has been the same his whole life and has not changed at all to cause concern. President Trump has also previously offered to run for president if Biden were to run for president.”

White House press secretary Andrew Bates responded to Jackson’s comments by likening him to a character from “The Simpsons” who is known for his questionable medical practices.