EXCLUSIVE: Reps. Mary Miller, MTG Press FBI For Answers Over Nashville School Shooting

Republican Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia sent a letter Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray seeking more answers about the Nashville, Tennessee shooting.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of a letter from two Republican lawmakers asking multiple questions to the FBI about its mandate to investigate and arrest individuals involved in violent extremism before it was sent.Miller and Greene want to know whether the FBI will treat the shooting at a Christian private school that killed six people as a domestic terrorist attack.

“The FBI must treat the horrific attack in Nashville as a domestic terrorist attack based on the attacker’s transgender political ‘manifesto’ and intentionally targeting Christians.” Secretary Wray testified before Congress that the greatest threat to our country is posed by “lone domestic violent extremists radicalized by personal grievances,” arguing that the Biden administration’s move to transgender politics The FBI cannot dismiss its own guidance on this type of attack simply because it supports a public agenda. ’” Miller told the caller before sending the letter.

“I joined Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green in calling for a full investigation of outside organizations that promote violence.・Includes organizations that promote Vengeance. Our nation is in crisis because our society has turned its back on God and embraced a culture that teaches children that life has no value. Cruel and vicious acts of violence, especially against children, are only possible for individuals who have lost their connection with humanity. We are praying for the parents and children currently suffering in Nashville and thank you for the swift action of our brave police officers who have saved countless lives,” Miller added.

Read the letter here:

(get daily callers) — … To Henry Rogers

“Mary Miller and I are collaborating on a letter to FBI agent Christopher Ray questioning a woman identified as a male, transgender, and shooter at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. And I have a very specific question, one of the things we want to know is is this a hate crime? Another thing that I think is very important to ask is that this incident, the shooting, was planned or scheduled for April 1 here in the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. “Plan Trans Day of Vengeance”. Promoted on the internet by her group Antifa here in Washington DC. And I would like to know if these two incidents are related,” Greene told Kohler before the letter was sent. (Related: Body camera footage shows Nashville cops taking out transformer shooters)

Green also said she wanted to know. If so, what medication was this person on? If it was testosterone, it is known to increase aggression. because [that] If it turns out to be male, it’s very likely that the person was taking testosterone, which may have made her more aggressive. (Related: Josh Hawley calls Nashville shooting an Antichrist ‘hate crime’)

The FBI did not immediately respond to comments on the lawmakers’ letter.

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