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FACT CHECK: Did A Military Tribunal Convict Ron Klain Of ‘Seditious Conspiracy’?

post Share on Facebook A U.S. military court has convicted former White House chief of staff Ron Klein on sedition conspiracy.

Verdict: False

This claim comes from a satirical website. There is no evidence to support the claims.

Fact check:

Crane transferred the role of White House Chief of Staff to Jeff Zientz at the Feb. 1 event. fox news report. Mr. Klein’s plans to resign were made public in late January when special counsel was investigating Mr. Biden’s handling of classified information as vice president, the people said. CNN.

A Facebook post alleges that a U.S. military court recently convicted former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein on sedition conspiracy. claimed to have sought miscarriage of justice in court, but was denied. Cline was then sentenced to 20 years at Camp Delta on Guantanamo Bay.

The claim is false.there is no reliable reports support the claim. Likewise, this claim is not even mentioned in the Corps of the US Navy Attorney General (JAG). website not even verified socializing media accountIn addition, Klein not commenting publicly about the claims made.

“This is not true,” US Navy JAG Command spokesman Devin Arneson said in an email to Check Your Fact about the allegations.

Keyword search finds claims February 7 article It was published on the website “Real Raw News”. in the website”about us‘ page indicated it contained “humor, parody and satire.” (Related: Did James Mattis flee the country after being charged with treason?)

The latest articles are previous work It was published by a site that claims Crane has been arrested for a crime he allegedly committed during the 2020 presidential election. February 3 article Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, published by the site, claimed he wanted to be present at a military tribunal of Cline, but he was denied access to Guantanamo Bay.

This isn’t the first time someone in the Biden administration has been the target of misinformation. Check Your Fact previously uncovered his December 2022 allegations suggesting that his COVID-19 response coordinator, Jeff Zients, was arrested.

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