FACT CHECK: Viral X Image Falsely Claims Atletico Madrid Fans Supported Palestine

virus image Shared by XThe social media platform formerly known as Twitter claims Atletico Madrid fans showed support for Palestine during a recent match.

Verdict: False

A Hive moderation content detection scan shows that the image was generated using artificial intelligence (AI). A media forensics expert also denied the authenticity of the image in an email to Check Your Fact.

Fact check:

US intelligence officials say they believe the explosion at Gaza’s al-Ahly al-Arabi hospital on October 17 was caused by a Palestinian-made rocket that “damaged in flight.” Reuters. Israel identified the Palestinian militant Islamic Jihad group as the perpetrator of the attack, but they denied responsibility, the newspaper reported.

The image’s caption reads: “Atlético Madrid fans support Palestine.” In the image, a large Palestinian flag is unfurled over a crowd of fans inside the stadium. The image has been viewed nearly 2 million times at the time of writing.

However, the images are not real. Hive moderation content detection scan show Images are generated using AI. The scan revealed that the program used to generate the image was likely Bing Image Creator. according to it, WebsiteBing Image Creator lets you “generate AI images with DALL-E directly from the sidebar in Microsoft Edge.”

Screenshot captured via Hive moderation

Similarly, close up shot Fans inside the stadium can be seen with body distortions, which also indicates that the images are not real. A feature of the images generated by AI is that the hands appear deformed. buzzfeed news. (Related: Video claims Palestinians waving Indian flags to evade Israeli forces)

Additionally, “Check the facts” was not found Trustworthy news reporting It has been suggested that Atletico Madrid fans showed their support for Palestine during a recent match.This claim is not repeated throughout the team. formal Website that too socializing media account.

Dr. Walter Shirer, a media forensics expert at the University of Notre Dame, denied the image’s authenticity in an email to Check Your Fact.

“This image is characteristic of an exaggerated cartoon style that is a common output of generative AI models. The image is not photorealistic and resembles an illustration. Parts of people’s bodies are unnaturally exaggerated and “It’s distorted. Also, the markers on the field are out of alignment, which is clearly illegal in a major soccer game,” Shirer said.

Check Your Fact has also contacted Atletico Madrid’s spokesperson for comment and will update this article if we receive a comment.

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