FACT CHECK: Will iPhone Users Who Say ‘One Twelve’ To Siri Be Given A Crisis Loan?

post shared on facebook It claims iPhone users who say “1 12” to Siri will be given a crisis loan that doesn't need to be repaid.

Verdict: False

That claim is false. According to KDAF/CW33, if you say “112” to Siri, iPhone users will have three seconds to call emergency services.

Fact check:

Apple may upgrade the iPhone 16's microphone to improve the Siri and artificial intelligence (AI) user experience, it reported. gizmodo. To support its claim, the outlet cited a Medium article by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo outlining AI-related predictions for the latest iPhones.

“If you have an iPhone, just say '12 o'clock' to Siri and you'll get a crisis loan that you don't have to pay back…Don't believe me? Try it for yourself! The Facebook post claims to have received more than 200 likes. This post does not provide any sources to support its claims.

However, this claim is false. Check Your Fact performed a keyword search using the terms “Siri” and “one twelve.” KDAF/CW33 article This command gives iPhone users three seconds before dialing emergency services. According to the Dallas-Fort Worth-based newspaper, prank calls to 911 are illegal and considered a Class A misdemeanor. Under this measure, offenders could be sentenced to up to one year in prison and fined up to $4,000.

The cause of the prank appears to be as follows tick tock, a keyword search generates multiple videos that make similar claims to the Facebook post. in one video The popular social media platform displays a countdown screen on users' iPhones before canceling a call to emergency services.

according to Wikipedia112 is a “common emergency number that can be dialed toll-free from most mobile phones and, in some countries, landlines to contact emergency services (ambulance, fire rescue, police)”. (Related: Is the IRS implementing a fourth round of stimulus checks in 10 states?)

Check Your Fact is contacting the social media users who shared the Facebook post for comment and will update this article accordingly if we receive comments.



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