Family of missing Mississippi corrections officer brawls with estranged husband’s family in courthouse: video

Mississippi correctional officer Latasha Crump Coleman has been missing for months, and some of her relatives don't know why her estranged and allegedly abusive husband Some people think so.

Tensions over the issue exploded in Jackson's courthouse this week, resulting in a brawl that involved not only her family but her husband, Derrick Coleman.

Local news cameras, which were preparing to film the press conference, were swung around and captured the melee, which included kicks, slaps, and body slams. The video shows the woman jumping over a railing and punching the man, then the man punching her in the face before police burst in and quelled the chaos.

Cedric Crump, the missing police officer's brother, said Coleman's family was behind the attack and instigated the attack.

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The fight started in the courthouse lobby and then spilled outside. (WLBT/WDBD)

He said bailiffs escorted both sides out of separate doors during a preliminary hearing because there was “obvious confusion” between the two sides. But on Thursday, for some reason, I let Colemans out right behind Cramps.

“They started saying things to us and tried to hit one of my family members, and they did,” Crump told FOX News Digital.

Both sides exchanged heated words in the courthouse lobby. The shouting soon escalated to shoving and then an all-out brawl, according to video from the Jackson-based FOX 40 program. According to police, the boy suffered a nosebleed during the scuffle.

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Crump Coleman, 46, known as Tasha, has been missing since July 19. Her family said she was reported missing after she failed to report to work without prior notice.

According to her brother, she forgot her Apple Watch, which she usually doesn't bring with her. All three of her dogs were caged and not fed.

Another worrying sign was that she believed she heard someone making noise in the background, said her brother, who last spoke to her on the phone.

No one has been arrested, but Jackson Police Chief Joe Wade told WAPT-TV that her husband, Derrick Coleman, is “of interest.” In a court filing, the judge said he was “currently in extreme danger” to his wife, who had obtained an order of protection for her alleged domestic violence.

Latasha Crump Coleman poses for a selfie with sunglasses on her head

Latasha Crump Coleman has been missing since July 19th. She was in the process of divorcing her husband, Derrick Coleman. She is currently in custody on suspicion of violating a no-contact order that Coleman had issued against her husband before her disappearance. (WLBT/WDBD)

“She was very afraid of her estranged husband and had even committed domestic violence against him,” her brother said. “And she was very afraid that if he was allowed to have contact with her, something might happen to her.”

Coleman appeared Thursday in Hinds County Court in Jackson to attempt to appeal a 2022 conviction for violating a no-contact order. The judge ruled against him. But Crump said the crackdown came too late.

Coleman was released on bail in the earlier case. However, he was to wear a GPS ankle monitor while out, according to court documents. He failed to do so, prompting the judge to revoke his bail. But by then, Ms. Crump-Coleman was already missing, her brother said.

Crump's family suspects foul play, according to a GoFundMe campaign started by her son. At the time of his disappearance, his mother was in the process of divorcing Coleman, and she believed she wanted to get away from him.

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Derrick Coleman sighed on his way out of the courtroom. Moments before his family and the family of his estranged and missing wife broke out in the courthouse lobby. A local sheriff said the fight escalated outside and five people were arrested. (WLBT/WDBD)

Sheriff Tyree Jones said five adults were arrested on disorderly conduct charges in connection with the courthouse disturbance. At least two of those people were from Crump's side, including the missing officer's 22-year-old son and her sister, who is also a corrections officer, and at least one Coleman, according to prison records. There is.

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Crump Coleman is described as a black woman, 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing approximately 180 pounds, with shoulder-length braided hair. She is also missing her car – her 2002 Acura MDX, gray with Mississippi plates HPA8639.

Friend Candace Bryant told Dateline in September that Crump Coleman's disappearance days after the Carly Russell hoax in Alabama caused the case to miss out on significant early attention. Told.

Prosecutors say Russell, 25, faked his own kidnapping in July. The case garnered national attention by the time she showed up at her home two days later, alive and well.

“It's December and we're still investigating,” Crump said of his sister's case. “We haven't found any new clues about where she is or where her car is. It's like she just disappeared off the face of the earth.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Jackson Police at 601-960-1234.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).



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