Famous Actress Keke Palmer Reveals Next Movie She Wants To Make And Top Co-Star Picks

Famous actress Keke Palmer revealed who she wants to film a movie with next, and what kind of movie she’s be interested in diving into, while hosting the annual Time 100 Next Gala on Tuesday night.

Palmer is passionate about teaming up with Will Smith to create a “Look Who’s Talking”-type comedy, according to Variety. “I would love to be in something with my girl Melissa McCarthy. I think me and Adam Sandler can make way. If Will Smith’s ready to go back to do some comedies, I’m ready.”

Palmer went on to say she was interested in doing “an action-comedy of some sort, kinda like a haphazard duo that shouldn’t be together but we are together,” according to the outlet. Smith is reportedly the one she wants to bring along for the ride.

Palmer continued speaking about her vision for the future. “Maybe I’m like a know-it-all punk and he kind of shows me the ropes. I’m good for — not a reboot, an original but conceptual similarity to ‘Look Who’s Talking,’” she said. “You remember the baby talking movies? I’m ready to be Kirstie Alley. Let’s go!”

Palmer didn’t appear to indicate what it was that inspired her to select Smith to be her potential future co-star, but she seemed steadfast in her desire to make it a reality.

The gala was attended by dozens of “rising stars” who are making an impact in their own line of work, according to Variety.(RELATED: ‘People Forget Who Will Smith Is’: Dave Chappelle Has A Rather Surprising Take On The Oscars Slap)

Other guest speakers at the gala included Machine Gun Kelly, who reportedly didn’t arrive with a prepared speech. The rocker addressed the audience in an improvised fashion while he talked about what he called the “dying” art of reading and encouraged future generations to read more, according to Variety.

Palmer rose to celebrity status while starring in the Nickelodeon sitcom “True Jackson, VP.”

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