Famous Comedian Says She Lost All Her Gigs In Spite Of Sex Assault Charges Against Her Being Dropped

Famous comedian Tiffany Haddish says her work has completely dried up since she was accused of sexual assault.

An unidentified woman known only as “Jane Doe” dropped the charges against Haddish and fellow comedian Aries Spears on Wednesday, according to Buzzfeed News. She had initially claimed that Haddish and Spears groomed her and her brother when they were both minors, and coerced them to engage in heinous sexual acts. Haddish insists that, although her name was cleared when the alleged victim retracted her allegations, her reputation has been destroyed and her career has been deeply affected, according to TMZ.

Haddish says the lawsuit has been dismissed, but the damage has been done. During a brief interview at LAX on Wednesday, Haddish said she felt relieved to no longer be facing molestation charges, but added that her relationship with Spears remains strained, according to TMZ. Haddish refused to answer questions pertaining to Spears, and indicated she did not speak for him. She said she no longer affiliates with Spears at all, according to TMZ.

The comedian maintained her innocence and put the focus on the fact that the allegations against her have wreaked havoc on her career, TMZ reported.(RELATED: REPORT: Alleged Victim Says She Was Bribed To Lie About Trey Songz’s Sexual Assault Case)

Haddish and Spears were accused of forcing Jane Doe and her brother to participate in sexually charged skits which were recorded by Spears, according to TMZ.

Haddish initially denied the allegations that were made against her, and called the situation a “shakedown.” She later expressed regret for “having agreed to act” in one of the skits but has since reverted to denying any wrongdoing, TMZ and Buzzfeed News reported.


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