Fans Can Now (Almost) Snuggle Into A Towel With Paige Spiranac

Former professional golfer and social media influencer Paige Spiranac is giving fans a chance to snuggle into a towel or t-shirt with an image of her face on the front of it. Her merchandise line with Maxim is now available for purchase on her website.

Spiranac is relishing in her year-long partnership with Maxim 100 and is offering a number of her personalized items for sale to the general public. The line launched September 29 and boasts images from her Hot 100 photoshoot, according to Maxim.

The items up for grabs are collectibles that include golf accessories as well as wearable items. They’re being marketed as limited edition items, so fans that want to drape themselves in Spiranac’s goods should process their purchases quickly.

Spiranac’s Hot Box is up for grabs for $85, and includes a baseball cap that has the word ‘HOT’ written on it in bold red letters and includes 2 photographs of the megastar.

The Vintage Hot Tee is a beaten-black t-shirt with a photograph of Spiranac on the front and the Maxim name written just below her image. The t-shirt is priced at $48.00.

A Hot 100 custom golf towel can be purchased for $39 and the larger version, the ‘Stay In Bed Beach Towel,’ is priced at $58.00. (RELATED: This Female Golfer Is Turning Up The Heat On Paige Spiranac)

Spiranac is leaning into her entrepreneurial side with the release of this new merchandise.

“In working with the people at Maxim, they have been able to share with the world not just my beauty, but my love of business,” she said.

“In partnership with Maxim, I am excited to create a line of products inspired by my shoot and the concept of the Hot 100 List,” Spiranac said to Maxim.

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