Fans Riot After Lil Baby Fails To Appear At Concert

Lil Baby fans caused a riot and nearly destroyed sections of the stage Sunday after the artist failed to appear at his own concert.

Fans stood in line and packed the PNE Amphitheater in Vancouver to see a number of their favorite artists perform live and were angered when they learned Lil Baby had canceled his appearance at the last minute. Disgruntled fans began lighting tents on fire and toppling food stands, garbage bins and dumpsters in a display of outrage over the missed appearance, according to video footaage posted by TMZ.

Lil Baby posted a lengthy apology note to his Instagram stories Monday, letting fans know he felt badly about the cancelation.

“I would like to start off by saying I truly apologize Vancouver Canada. The Breakout Festival, And to everyone who was in attendance!” Lil Baby wrote.

“I have been going so hard these past few months without any breaks that it finally caught up with me. And my body completely shut down. I owe you guys big time and will for sure make up for it soon,” he told his fans.

Lil Baby was set to kick off the show and was slated to perform alongside fellow rappers Polo G, Cordae, Coi Leray, Babyface Ray and others, according to TMZ.(RELATED:  Pearl Jam Concert Canceled After Frontman Suffers Throat Damage)

Mobs of fans reportedly shattered all the TV monitors inside the tents, leaving broken glass all over the area, according to TMZ.

Video footage shows angry fans taking out their frustration by climbing posts and damaging anything within their reach. While some fans started engaged in the destruction, others stood by and filmed the chaotic scene.

There are no reports indicating the cost of the damages or pending charges to fans, but the proof is in the video, and the story continues to develop.




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