Fans rip TNT over crying Utah State cheerleader

Not everyone was thrilled with Thursday’s broadcast of TNT between Utah and Missouri.

As Day 1 of March Madness 2023 kicked off, the No. 10 Aggies faced the No. 7-seeded Tigers in a South Region matchup in Sacramento.

With less than two minutes remaining in the second half, Utah State trailed by 12 points. camera panned A few seconds to the emotional Aggie Cheerleader.

Not surprisingly, the viral moment has now taken to social media, with some fans criticizing the coverage.

“Why does TNT keep showing Utah cheerleaders crying?? Calm down,” one user said It pointed outin the meantime another “Seriously, TNT? Highlight a crying cheerleader?

March Madness fans tear apart TNT for panning on emotional Utah cheerleaders during the team’s loss to Missouri on March 16, 2023.

Fans also highlighted how emotional the tournament was for student-athletes, as their college careers could be over after losing.

“When the cameras kept showing her, I felt sick. Probably her last game as a cheerleader,” said one fan. murmured.

Another person shared a similar sentiment, writing, “She’s probably a senior and this is her last ride as well.”

Missouri beat Utah 76-65.

Utah State University's Taylor Funk, 23, and Stephen Ashworth, 3, hug after losing to Missouri on March 16, 2023.
Utah State University’s Taylor Funk, 23, and Stephen Ashworth, 3, hug after losing to Missouri on March 16, 2023.

Prior to Thursday’s loss, Utah State had amassed a 26-9 record and finished second in the Mountain West Conference this season.

As for Missouri, they next face No. 15 Princeton in the Round of 32 on Saturday.

Princeton is already playing spoilers in the tournament after knocking out the second-seeded Arizona Wildcats on Thursday in a first-round Thriller, 59-55.

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