fans spot clues before pair went public

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey's love story took on a whole new timeline after Swift revealed they were dating before the world knew, and now fans are looking for clues about the couple's relationship. are reconsidering their actions.

In an interview for Time magazine's Person of the Year, Swift said that Kelce “got me really excited about his podcast, and I thought it was really metal. Right after that, I started listening to music. We started dating, so we actually had an important encounter.” I am grateful that we were able to get to know each other at a time when we didn't know anyone else. ”

This means that the two started dating back to around July. It was then that Kelce mentioned on her own podcast, “New Heights,” that she was unable to deliver Kelce a friendship bracelet with her phone number on it on the “Ellas Tour.” “We’re stopping in Kansas City, Missouri.

Now, fans think they've found a clue as to how the superstars were seeing each other before her first appearance at Arrowhead Stadium on September 24.

Taylor Swift named Person of the Year: 5 facts from her first interview in years

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appear to have been dating as early as July, according to clues provided by the couple and tracking by fans. (Getty Images)

On the September 6 episode of Kelsey's podcast, New Heights, his brother Jason Kelsey was a guest and Jason's wife Kylie discussed dating advice.

When Kylie asked why she didn't let Kelsey go on a date with her friends, she replied, “I think you're doing just fine on your own. No problem.”

Fans noticed the smiles on the faces of the three at this time, and the word “love story” is mentioned several times later in the episode, which coincidentally is the title of Swift's biggest hit song, and even more understanding. It prompted a certain smile.

“By the time we went to our first game, we were a couple,” Swift explained in an interview with Time.

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Taylor Swift wears red NFL jacket to match Kansas City Chiefs

Taylor Swift says attending the Chiefs game on September 24th and sitting next to Travis Kelce's mother Donna wasn't their first date. (Cooper Neal)

She added, “I'm sure some of you think you witnessed our first date at that game? We don't have to be psychotic enough to force our way into a first date.”

The “Blank Space” singer attended several more matches throughout October, and seemed to confirm things on stage during the “Hellas Tour” concert in Buenos Aires, where Kelce was in the audience.

During her finale song, “Karma,” Swift changes the lyrics and sings, “Karma's the Chiefs guy that comes straight home,” and after the show, she asks Kelsey for a kiss backstage. He was also seen running into his arms.

Kelsey later spoke about the relationship in an interview with WSJ. The magazine confirmed they had been in touch since at least July.

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Travis Kelsey wears all-black Bird jacket with Taylor Swift on date night

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift started dating after the tight end mentioned her on a podcast. (Gotham/Getty Images)

“There were definitely people in her corner that she knew who knew who I was. [who said]”Yo! Did you know he was coming?” Kelce told the magazine. “We had someone play Cupid.”

He had no idea about the matchmaking until he received an email from her. “She told me exactly what was going on and how I could contact her,” he said.

The two later met in person in New York, but the exact timing remains unknown.


In an interview with Time, Swift talked about the difference between dating in public and in private.

“Making our relationship public means I get to watch him do the things he loves. We show up for each other, and other people are there too. It's there and we don't care,” Swift declared. “The flip side is that we have to go to great lengths to make sure no one realizes we're seeing someone. And we're both proud of each other.”



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