Fans Unfollowing Hollywood Celebrities in Droves over Their Israel Remarks

Hollywood celebrities who choose to speak out against Israel in order to protect it from terrorist attacks by Hamas are paying the price of losing supporters.

Online posts accused of saying too much or too little about events in Israel since the barbaric attack on the Jewish state on October 7 have been challenged for airing “wrong” ideas. , will be punished accordingly.

Others just want their favorite celebrities to stay out of politics at all.

Exclusive poll conducted by Redfield and Wilton’s strategy on behalf newsweek Of 1,500 American voters surveyed on October 29, 36% said they had unfollowed a celebrity on social media because of their opinions on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Among younger age groups, Gen Z is the most likely to hit the unfollow button. The survey found that 33% of people in the 18-26 age group said they unfollowed a celebrity because of their comments about war, while 29% of 27-42 year olds felt the same way.

newsweek report This compares to 17 percent of those in the 43-58 age group and 5 percent of those in the 59+ age group.

16% of those surveyed said they strongly supported celebrities expressing their opinions on war, and 10% strongly opposed war.

There is no shortage of celebrities expressing their opinions.

As reported by Breitbart News, Angelina Jolie drew ire for sharing an Instagram post that rightly condemned attacks on Israel before condemning IDF attacks on Gaza out of self-defense. Just one of the celebrities who caused this.

A Newsweek report notes that Selena Gomez has suffered badly as a result of choosing to remain neutral regarding the dispute, and that the singer and actor’s social media posts on the matter have caused some fans to It was said that it was unpopular.

Gomez also claimed that Scott Friedman, the CEO of her beauty line Rare Beauty, is a Zionist. Call for boycott of cosmetics line.

Comedian Amy Schumer has revealed that she has lost many friends over their public support for Israel in the wake of Hamas’ unprecedented massacre.but train accident Starr said he still feels “powerful and free” knowing that he has defended the truth by mocking leftists’ calls for a “ceasefire” in the war, and that he still feels “powerful and free” because Hamas is still He pointed out that they were holding people hostage.

As a result of one post, Schumer was called a “Zionist liar,” “white supremacist,” “stupidest bitch on the planet,” and “talentless, repulsive, uninteresting supporter” on social media.

“I am a proud Jewish woman and have every right to be,” she wrote in an Instagram post, as detailed by Breitbart News.

Schumer called the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas “a never-ending nightmare” and warned Israelis who are still being held hostage by the terrorist organization.

“While I am saddened by the loss of many friends in recent weeks, I feel strong and free knowing that I stand for the truth and will always fight for it.”

Mr. Schumer, a cousin of Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.), also accused establishment news organizations of parroting Hamas propaganda, called for the resignation of the paper’s senior editors, and called for the resignation of many newspapers’ senior editors. It alienated the left. new york times And CNN.

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