Farage Hints at Comeback, ‘Would Not Rule Out’ Tory Party Takeover

just made it to the finals I'm a celebrity, get me out of here Speaking on TV, Brexiteer Nigel Farage said he would not rule out rejoining the Conservative Party and becoming its leader.

Nigel Farage, one of the most influential British politicians of the last century, has hinted at a political comeback after coming third in the polls. i am a celebrity Jungle reality show.

As he left the jungle, the Brexit leader told GB News he had no intention of returning to the Conservative Party as long as Rishi Sunak remained Conservative leader, but said: I can't predict right now what will happen,” adding, “If there is a role to play at some point when we recover from the jungle, I wouldn't rule it out.”

Mr Farage's comments come as the Conservative government is embroiled in an escalating civil war over immigration, with Robert Jenrick last week declaring that illegal immigrants should not be sent to Rwanda but Mr Sunak resigned from his post as Immigration Minister over legislative amendments to a long-delayed plan to send people to the United States. Confining them to hotels in the UK until their asylum claims are processed.

Mr Jenrick, former home secretary Suella Braverman and others warned the bill would still leave the government powerless in the face of left-wing legal challenges to remove illegal immigrants from the country. did.

Sunak's government also faced public anger over its failure to restrict legal immigration, despite promising people it would reduce immigration numbers in the wake of Brexit. net immigration has soared to more than 1.2 million in the past two years alone. Immigration and the worsening economic situation have left the Conservatives in a deep hole, with them trailing the left-wing Labor Party by more than 20 points in most opinion polls.

Further complicating the Conservatives' electoral problems is the rise of Reform UK, the renamed Brexit party founded and renamed by Nigel Farage, who remains honorary president. Richard Tice's populist party has soared into double digits in multiple opinion polls over the past month, placing it in third place behind the Conservatives and Labor.

If Mr Farage is indeed planning to take over as leader of the Conservative Party, he will allow the expected general election disaster to ensue, remain unaccountable for Mr Sunak's globalist policies, and remain behind the scenes. It would be wise to wait. as the only reliable savior who will restore the party to glory.

Commenting on the dire state of the party he left more than 30 years ago, Mr Farage said: “Our country is being led horribly. There is no adequate opposition policy and we are experiencing a demographic crisis.

“It doesn't really have much to do with small boats, but it's offensive. It's because of the fact that over 17 million people voted to reduce immigration and voted to tighten border controls. They have is a Conservative Party that supports huge multinational corporations seeking as many foreign workers as possible.

“We are now experiencing a demographic crisis of a level that no one could have predicted, and immigration and population in the UK will be a key issue in the next election and for years to come.”

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