FBI Agents ‘Apologized’ to Him for Russia Hoax Probe

Special Counsel John Durham said many FBI agents “apologies” to him for the way the so-called 2016 Russia Hoax investigation was “conducted” at the agency.

Durham told Congress at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday that current and retired FBI agents have apologized to the agency for how the investigation into then-President Donald Trump on Russia-collusion charges was conducted. Told.

“I’ve had several FBI agents I’ve worked with over the years, some retired, some still active, and they’ve come to me and apologized for the way they conducted their investigations. ’” said Durham.

In 2020, then-Attorney General Bill Barr appointed Mr. Durham as a special counsel to investigate the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign over alleged Russian collusion.

In May, Durham’s report confirmed what many had suspected since the Russian hoax began. In other words, the FBI used weak pretexts to “swiftly” launch an investigation into the president and launch a politically motivated attack on the president, while ignoring intelligence planned by the Hillary Clinton campaign. . She perpetuates the false tale of Russian collusion to distract her from the mismanagement of her private server.

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