Feds Buy Up Our Personal Data from Silicon Valley

A recent report by the Director of National Intelligence found that the U.S. government purchased vast amounts of personal data of Americans generated by automobiles, smartphones, and web browsers, reflecting the consequences of intrusive surveillance technologies and placing significant risks on privacy. has been shown to pose a serious threat.

wall street journal report The US government is using commercially available information (CAI) to learn as much as it can about civilians. This data from cars, phones, and web browsers is so extensive that it has come to replicate the results of intrusive surveillance techniques such as eavesdropping, cyber espionage, and physical surveillance.

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At the request of Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes ordered the report produced. He has asked intelligence agencies to explain and publicize how CAI is being used. The results were shocking.

“Far fewer Americans seem to understand, and even fewer Americans seem to be able to evade, but the CAI contains information about almost everyone of a type and level of sensitivity that could have been historically obtained. ‘ said the report.

Data is far less than simple information. This includes exhaustive trails left by smartphones and their apps, social media sites, cars, and location-tracking gadgets like fitness watches. The report warned that such detailed information could “damage an individual’s reputation, mental well-being and physical safety.”

The report urged intelligence agencies to improve their takeover-related policies, practices and safeguards. It also drew attention to the lack of transparency and oversight that intelligence agencies have regarding their acquisition of personal information.

The report also acknowledged that there are few policies to address the collection of such data and that the US government has the ability to assign personal identities to data. “If the government can circumvent the Fourth Amendment due process, there will be few meaningful restrictions on government oversight,” Wyden said.

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