Feds could use Hunter Biden’s gun charge to ‘leverage’ plea deal

Prosecutors have used the prospect of indicting Hunter Biden on firearms charges to “exploit” the new plea deal, including potential tax charges and an investigation into his scandal-stricken eldest son’s overseas dealings. could resolve the legal issues of the law firm, an expert told the Post.

The David Weiss Special Counsel’s office will on Wednesday indict President Biden’s 53-year-old son with a felony gun charge before the next statute of limitations expires on suspicion of possessing a gun while addicted to crack cocaine. announced that it was going to Month.

Weiss said the young Biden cracked down on two tax misdemeanors and a plea bargain with his girlfriend who was supposed to be in a diversion program for lying about drug use when he bought a gun in the fall of 2019. He is pursuing a firearms charge after the failed attempt. 2018.

The gun charge he was supposed to have sworn was a felony, but the grand jury did not indict.

Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein told the Post that a gun charge might be “not very important” and just a “placeholder.” That means Weiss could still file charges against Biden in connection with potential illegal foreign dealings. Or felony taxes.

Weinstein said, “In our negotiations with Hunter Biden, we maintain the ability to use firearms felony leverage to solve his global crime crackdown.”

A firearms charge against Hunter Biden could be used to take advantage of a plea bargain with him in all the pending cases and investigations facing him, experts say. It is said that there is

Weiss may prefer to strike a new plea deal with his eldest son rather than bring him to justice. That’s because specific gun charges related to drug use “rarely” go to trial, and an appeals court overturned a conviction in the same case last month. Weinstein said he will file charges in unrelated cases.

Still, Weinstein said the southern-located appeals court is “non-binding” because it has different jurisdiction than the Delaware case against Biden.

A former federal prosecutor said the first plea deal collapsed in July, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new deal between Hunter and Weiss.

Hunter Biden naked and holding a gun aside.
Hunter Biden allegedly lied about the fact that he was addicted to crack cocaine when he bought the gun in 2018.

But this time, Biden “may find out what’s next.” [a plea offer] In terms of actually having to serve a small prison sentence, it’s a little bit tougher,” Weinstein said.

“But they were able to come back to the table and achieve something close to what was there,” he added.

Previous agreements broke down due to “various factors”. That included the fact that the Biden campaign thought he would receive a “total exemption,” which Weinstein said Weiss had no authority to provide at the time.

But in August, Weiss was appointed special prosecutor, which would give him the ability to make that kind of “global plea bargain,” Weinstein said.

President Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden.
Hunter Biden is also facing tax charges, and the investigation into him is still ongoing, the Fed said.

Still, the legal expert said he doesn’t necessarily think Mr. Weiss “would ultimately take a hard line” in negotiations that may be underway.

Cornell University law professor Robert Hockett also told the Post that he agreed the gun charges could be used to bring about a larger settlement.

But the professor said he would be more cautious to avoid appearing to take it easy on the president’s son, given that he has faced criticism from the right in previous plea bargains. Ta.

Republicans have accused a Delaware lawyer of offering a mistress deal as repayment to the Bidens for not asking them to resign. Weiss was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

“My guess is that the way the Republicans continue to pursue [Weiss] And it suggests that there is some sort of personal interest in belittling Mr. Biden … Weiss criticizing Mr. Biden, appearing unobjective, or being overly favorable. I think it’s natural for human beings to try to avoid things that look like this. The Biden family,” Hockett said.

Still, Weiss will follow “the law and the prosecutor’s professional code,” Hockett said, and will offer a plea bargain if he believes it is more likely to succeed than a court conviction. .

“He planned this very well and turned the whole thing into a gun control case,” he said of Weiss’ right-wing critics.

“All the Republicans who hate Biden are going to be in a weird position because they’re against gun control anyway,” he said.

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