‘Feel Like Vomiting’: ‘Blexit’ Activist Shreds Biden’s ‘Black This, Black That’ Rhetoric, Says It Wont ‘Play’ Well

Brexit activist Madeleine Brame slammed President Joe Biden’s “black this, black that” comment on Fox News on Wednesday, warning it would “not work” if he takes office in November.

Brame appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss Biden’s recent speech at Morehouse College and his appearance at a Trump rally in the Bronx last week. After playing clips of Biden’s speech to HBCU alumni, Fox host Jesse Watters asked Brame whether Biden’s speaking tactics regarding his alleged attacks on black voters were making waves among the Democratic core voting base.

“It makes me sick just sitting there listening to it,” Brame said. “It’s just so insulting and racist. Every word that comes out of his mouth is black this, black that, black this, black that. As if the only reason we have so-called accomplishments is because of the color of our skin. It has nothing to do with our intelligence, it has nothing to do with our accomplishments, it’s just because we’re black. He’s so insulting.”

“He’s saying the reason you were selected to join his administration is because of the color of your skin,” Watters said.

Blum went on to argue that “poor minority” communities could still support Biden, but the “Black Exit” activist blamed the current state of the economy on Biden’s policies.

“Exactly, but it’s not going to be acceptable. It might be acceptable to some African-American and poor minority communities. We need to put it in perspective. Poor minorities means black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Italian, all of us. That’s how I like to look at it. I don’t like to just point out black people because it’s insulting. It’s disrespectful and it’s all based on skin color. I don’t think black people would accept it,” Brame said.

“Many of us work hard every day. When Trump was president, our paychecks at least lasted until payday,” she continued. “We could still save a few dollars, maybe go on a vacation, and we never had to worry about not having food in the fridge. We’re making the same pay, but inflation is skyrocketing. A gallon of gas costs nearly $5. I’m even scared to start my car in the morning because it costs $5 to start it.”

“Joe Biden says you have plenty of money,” Watters teased.

“That’s a lie,” Brehm countered.

“And you’re spending it. There’s a lot of money to spend,” Watters continued.

“We have no money to spend,” Brame responded. “Money for rent, money for my phone, money for bills. We don’t even have money left to buy food. Most of us go to food pantries when we used to be able to go to the grocery store. Just a bag of food, toilet paper and paper towels costs almost $100.”

Many Democrats have begun sounding the alarm for the Biden campaign, warning that polls are showing major shifts in key voting blocs as the president approaches the 2024 election. vote Data shows that even though Biden won more than 60% of black voters in 2020, former President Donald Trump narrowly missed Biden’s lead by winning 20% ​​of black voters.