Female Texas Trooper Stops Smuggled Migrants from Fleeing near Border

A video released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows a female police officer grabbing a migrant’s arm to stop him from fleeing into the bush in Kinney County. Troopers stopped her truck a Ford pickup in her FM-693 and the immigrants began escaping from the vehicle.

This video shows female soldiers racing to a silver F-150 pickup truck on April 11. A group of 10 migrants began jumping out of the moving vehicle. managed to seize three migrants and prevent them from escaping before taking the driver into custody.

Texas DPS Troopers and Del Rio Border Patrol agents arrest 10 immigrants allegedly smuggled by a California man. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

DPS spokesman Lieutenant Chris Olivarez identified the driver as a California man who said he was in Texas to visit family. He is now facing smuggling charges, Olivares said.

In addition to the three migrants who stopped the troopers from escaping, Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio sector arrested seven migrants they found hiding in bushes.

More than 223,000 immigrants classified as “fugitives” entered the country illegally in this part of Lone Star State and managed to avoid arrest at the border in the first six months of the current fiscal year, making human smugglers. Tracking and interdiction of alleged individuals is routine. reported by Breitbart Texas.

During another traffic stop in Kinney County, DPS troopers arrested a Waller, Texas couple for allegedly smuggling a group of six immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador. , Olivares muttered.

With 223,000 fugitives and approximately 650,000 immigrant arrests, the total number of known border crossers in the five Texas-based sectors for the first half of 2023 will drop to It’s now about 872,000. This is about the same as the city of Fort Worth, which has a population of just over 908,000.

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