Fetterman denies Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza

In a new interview, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) denied claims that Israel committed war crimes in retaliatory attacks against Hamas after the October 7 massacre in the country.

Fetterman told CNN anchor Abby Phillippe on Monday night that for Israelis to exist in peace, Hamas must be destroyed, just like the innocent children of Israel. He said he also values ​​the lives of Palestinian children.Democrats are taking heat from the party’s left wing for their staunch support for Israel. in the media and public appearances.

Mr. Philippe brought up accusations that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attacks.

“What do you think Israel did in these six weeks of fighting? A war crime?” she asked.

Far-left activists outraged by Fetterman’s pro-Israel stance: ‘Shocked by level of disrespect’

Sen. Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) responded to a question about whether Israel had committed war crimes: “Of course not.” (Screenshot/CNN)

“Of course not. Of course not,” Fetterman said. “The point is that we must not forget what Hamas started. Hamas broke the first ceasefire, then attacked Israel, killed over 1,200 innocent women, children, babies, everything, and most He committed an act of cruelty in an unspeakable manner.”

“And…this is a completely clear attack to destroy Israel, and we have to remember that.” [what] Who started all this? ”

“But, Senator, are you relieved to know the number of Palestinians who have lost their lives? 7,000 children and 15 to 16,000 civilians have died. Do you think you’re trying hard enough?” asked Philip.

“One death is too many. It’s a tragedy,” Fetterman said. “I don’t value the lives of Palestinian children as much or less than my own. It’s heartbreaking and terrible.”

Fetterman says he doesn’t “completely understand” protesters: “You’re kidding me. I had a stroke.”

John Fetterman

Sen. John Fetterman has been one of the Democratic Party’s most outspoken supporters of Israel since the October 7 Hamas massacre. (Bill Clark)

Still, he made clear the need for the Jewish state to wipe out Hamas, saying, “But I fundamentally believe that in order to achieve the conditions that allow peace to flourish, Israel must destroy Hamas.” There is,” he added.

Fetterman is strong supporter of israel His stance has put him at odds with his progressive allies in the wake of October’s Hamas terrorist attacks.

Former staffers have criticized his stance, with one saying it “felt like a gut-wrenching betrayal”.

Last month, Fetterman also reported on the following news: Waving the Israeli flag in front of pro-Palestinian protesters attempting to confront him over his support for the country. Some demonstrators shouted, “Shame on you!” He lashed out at passing lawmakers, accusing them of supporting genocide.

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