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Fifth Body Recovered in Wreckage at Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Site

Authorities say they have found a fifth body in the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, which tragically collapsed in March when a cargo ship struck one of the pier’s foundations.

The victim’s body was discovered Wednesday and has been identified as Miguel Angel Luna Gonzalez, 49, of Glen Burnie, according to WBAL-TV Unified Command. report Thursday.

His body was recovered inside a red truck.image show Victim and accident scene:

“The news that a fifth victim has been found brings another family some small comfort in the midst of the pain they have endured,” Mayor Brandon Scott (D) said in a statement.

He continued:

I would like to thank the entire Joint Command and rescue team for remaining focused on bringing closure to the family while working around the clock to clear the waterway. While our hearts continue to break for all of these families, one more soul has returned home, yet another Marylander is still missing. We share in the sadness of the families who are still waiting, and hope that the city as a whole will end similar closures soon. We are and will always be here for you in any way you need.

On March 26, a ship crashed into the bridge, killing six construction workers. A sixth worker, identified as Jose Manar López, has not yet been located.

“They were all Latino immigrants who came to the United States from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras,” WBAL-TV reported.

Video footage captures the moment the cargo ship arrives. dali It hit a bridge and sank into the water below.

WJZ reported Tuesday that the crew hopes to: remove Boats are expected to depart from the site along the Patapsco River in the coming weeks. The report said divers were searching for bodies left in the water.

“Visibility is very poor up there. There’s a lot of debris. We believe there’s an area of ​​interest, but we can’t access that area of ​​interest. That’s why the Unified Command divers work in conjunction with the salvage divers. That’s very important,” said Col. Roland Butler of the Maryland State Police.

Breitbart News reports that the effort to build a bridge where the Francis Scott Key Bridge would span could cost anywhere from $400 million to several billion dollars.