Fired NYC weatherman Erick Adame launches subscription service

A New York City meteorologist arrested for leaked live-streaming nudes in an alleged “revenge porn scheme” is launching its own subscription service.

Emmy nominee Erick Adame, 39, was fired from Spectrum News NY1 in September. announced on twitter His “Very Unique Weather Subscription!”

“Get detailed yet fun weather forecasts in your email in a way only Erick Adame can,” he tweeted on Sunday. ”

He posted a short video explaining his new business. This video charges subscribers $5 per month for service.

“Soon you’ll be able to see me delivering the weather on camera as before, but this time it will be sent directly to your email so you can see the weather whenever it’s convenient for you. We can keep up with ,” says Adam.

Fired NY1 meteorologist Eric Adame has announced a new weather subscription service.
Twitter / @ErickAdameOnTV

“Every morning I get a summary of the weather for the day, a checklist of what I need when I walk out the door, plus some other fun weather info like pollen counts, chances of rain by the hour, and weather facts. You’ll get an email with it, and of course, a weather video that will give you the weather forecast in a way only Eric Adame can,” he boasts.

Adame told viewers to sign up on his website for the service, which starts Wednesday.

Adame was fired after live-streaming sex acts were stolen from an adult website without permission.

Eric Adam
“Soon you’ll be able to see me on camera delivering forecasts as before, but this time directly to your email,” Adame said.
Twitter / @ErickAdameOnTV

It was later revealed that he mentioned his work and other personal details during a cam session in December 2021, leading to an apology for “coercion.”

He recently told WNYC that he believes a mysterious voyeur is obsessed with distributing nude images of him, apparently in an attempt to embarrass him.

“I’ve concluded that it’s the same people who are obsessed with posting pictures of me. Some of them are so humiliating,” he said.

Fired NY1 meteorologist Eric Adam
Adam, who reported the weather forecast for 15 years in NY1, is suspected of leaking personal information on an adult site.
Instagram/Eric Adam

Adame, who lives in New Jersey, then hired a lawyer to obtain the IP address of the person who posted the image.

The radio station reports that it is unclear what law enforcement can do because the images may not fall under “revenge porn”. You must have a “reasonable expectation of” and live streaming may not be protected.

Adam's announcement about canning
A New York City meteorologist has been fired after nude photos of him were sent to his employer by an adult website.
Instagram/Eric Adam

Adame told WNYC that sadistic trolls were harassing him online.

“There’s a lot of support out there, but with this random message calling me derogatory names and asking for more? I can be your daddy,” he said. .

“You know — no. I lost this job that I really loved. I’m being publicly humiliated, but do you think I enjoy this?” told to

Adam’s agent Howard Bragman, who died in February, described the nudes leaked to the client’s mother and employer as “classic revenge porn.”

“I thought someone would recognize him and pretend to be a god to share with his employer and his family,” he told the Post in September.

Adame's online apology
Adame confessed that his obsession stemmed from “low self-esteem” from being rejected for being gay.
Instagram/Eric Adam

audio Acquired by Desk He reportedly disclosed his name, address and job description to hundreds of men on the adult site Chaturbate, where he allegedly performed sexual acts on himself.

He confesses that the urge to make live sex videos for strangers stems from “low self-esteem” from being rejected for being gay. increase.

“I wanted to see more because I got compliments for showing off and people said I was sexy. It made me feel so good to hear that from the other person,” he said, adding that he’s now in a committed relationship and He added that he keeps his sex life private.

“I don’t apologize for being sex positive, but I do apologize for being a role model,” Adame said. “At the end of the day, as a journalist, I live by different rules. I don’t think it’s fair, but I think we do.”

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