‘F**k You, You A**hole’: Mattress Mack Gets In Heated Shouting Match During World Series

And this is why we love sports!

If you haven’t heard of Mattress Mack (real name James McIngvale) — who is a f*cking G, by the way — he’s a Houston businessman operating the Gallery Furniture retail chain. He’s also known for making ridiculously huge sports bets. Also, he’s a VERY passionate superfan of the Houston Astros.


The Astros got utterly embarrassed, 7-0, in Game 3. Starting pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. allowed a record five home runs against the Philadelphia Phillies — a record in two different senses: 1. The Phillies’ five blasts tied for the most hit ever in a World Series game. 2. Philly now owns the record for the most home runs in the first five innings of a contest in the Fall Classic.

Tipping or not, it was disastrous baseball for Houston.

Well, after the game, Mattress Mack was leaving the stadium and interacting with fans, as he usually does after watching his Astros play. However, one interaction with what seems to be an individual Phillies fan makes both sides completely throw that “brotherly love” sh*t out of the window. (RELATED: Houston Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander Flips Off Crowd Of Phillies Fans)

This is why we love sports though, how it can bring out the passion from a 71-year-old mattress tycoon, who by the way, bet a whopping $10 million on his ‘Stros to win the World Series — at 7.5-to-1 odds, that would win Mack $75 million, which would be a record in terms of highest sports betting payouts.

Did I mention that this guy is a G?

It’s a shame that his Astros are down 2-1 right now, but you can’t hate on that Philadelphia Phillies team. “Bryce Harper and those boys” *Stephen A. Smith voice* just got too much swag!

But shout out to Mattress Mack, man. A true G.

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