FL Child Found Inside Alligator’s Jaws After Mom Was Stabbed to Death

The body of a missing child was found in the mouth of an alligator in Florida’s Lake Maggiore on Friday.

Authorities charged the father of two-year-old Taylen Mosley with two counts of first-degree murder. One of hers is against the boy, the other is the boy’s mother, Pashun, who died in a fatal accident when her Jeffrey was found dead in her apartment on Thursday. It was for stabbing. new york post report Saturday.

St. Petersburg Police Department in a social media post detailed How police found the child’s body after launching a massive search:

The investigation led detectives to search Dell Holmes Park, 2741 22nd Street South, Lake Maggiore. After searching the area all day, officers were alerted this evening to an alligator holding something in its mouth. I was. A coroner will determine his cause of death.

Chief Holloway also determined that the boy’s father was Thomas Mosley.

Taylen Mosley found dead Tonight the body of missing 2-year-old Taylen Mosley was found in Lake Maggiore….

Contributor saint petersburg police station upon Friday, March 31, 2023

The initial search began Thursday afternoon after investigators found Jeffrey’s body following a trail of blood from her car. director the article said.

Authorities considered the child’s father a notable figure after he checked into the hospital while suffering from cuts on his hand and arm. However, his son was not with him at the time.

Images shared while Tyren was still missing show Jeffrey and Boy:

Taylen is still missing. The 2-year-old has yet to find Taylen Mosley. Anyone with information please…

Contributor saint petersburg police station upon Friday, March 31, 2023

Investigator Said 10 Tampa Bay They were unaware of the past domestic violence between Mosley and Jeffrey.

After searching the reservoir, the dive team moved 20 km away from the mother and child’s home, where they found the infant’s body.

in the meantime busy At a press conference on Friday, one family member said, “I just want to say that Tylenn is a beautiful boy.”

“Pashun was a beautiful mom,” she added.

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