FL Sen. Rick Scott letter demands answers from CFP committee over FSU playoff snub: ‘Shocking decision’

Florida State Sen. Rick Scott is demanding answers from the NCAA College Football Playoff Committee after the Florida State Seminoles were eliminated from the playoffs despite going 13-0 and undefeated on the season.

“Yesterday, the College Football Playoff (CFP) Selection Committee (the “Committee”) made the shocking decision behind closed doors to exclude the undefeated Power Five conference champions from the playoffs for the first time in their 10-year history. ” Scott said. CFB after Florida State defeated Louisville 16-6 on Saturday to win the ACC Championship, but fell from fourth to fifth in the playoff standings and missed the playoffs despite being undefeated. In a letter to Playoff Chairman Boo Corrigan, he wrote:

“Just hours after winning the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championship Game, we removed the 13-0 Florida State University (FSU) Seminoles from their previous No. 4 ranking and eliminated the team from the upcoming playoffs. The committee’s decision was made to exclude “hiring from this 13-member organization, which is comprised of only five (38%) individuals with experience related to coaching or playing football at the collegiate level or above. It rightly raised questions for millions of Americans about the integrity of the process,” Scott continued. .

“Today, I am writing to the Commission to demand full transparency as to how this decision was reached and what factors were involved in reaching this outcome. ”

Florida State’s Jordan Travis writes heartbreaking message after undefeated Seminole player is excluded from CFP

senator rick scott (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc, via Getty Images)

The announcement of the top four teams to qualify for the playoffs sparked a heated debate in the college football world on Sunday, with Florida State eliminated and Texas and Alabama, who finished the season 12-1, advancing to the playoffs. did.

Corrigan pointed to the committee’s decision to exclude Florida State from the fact that it lost star quarterback Jordan Travis to a season-ending leg injury in late November that changed the complexion of the team. and defended it.

“Florida State is a different team than it was the first 11 weeks.” Corrigan said Regarding the committee’s decision. “It’s been an unbelievable season. But now without Jordan Travis and without the offensive dynamic that he brings, they’re a different team. Vote for College” State No. 5. ”

Florida Legislature slams CFP officials over Seminole disrespect: ‘wrong decision’

Florida State University Head Coach Mike Norvell issued a statement He lashed out at the committee, saying he was “disgusted” and “outraged” by its decision.

“What’s the point of playing games?” Nobel said. “Do we tell our players that it’s okay to quit if someone goes down? Do we not play seniors on Senior Day for fear of injury? Where is the motivation to schedule challenging non-conference games? “Not only are we the undefeated P5 conference champions,” but we played two P5 nonconference games on the road and won both. ”

travis Posted in X He said he was “devastated” and “heartbroken.”

Florida State ad slams excluded CFP officials: “The committee has failed today’s college football”

Jordan Travis vs Miami

Florida State University Quarterback Jordan Travis (James Gilbert/Getty Images)

“I can’t believe it, but I wish I had broken my foot earlier in the season and let everyone see that this team is more than just a quarterback,” Travis posted. “I thought the results were important. We’re 13-0 and this lineup could be any team in the top four. It’s really disappointing. Go Nores!”

The College Football Playoff standards used by the committee include: “Key players or coaches who may have affected the team’s performance during the season or are likely to affect the team’s performance in the playoffs.” It includes a section stating that “other relevant factors such as absence” will be considered in the selection process. .

Scott wrote in the letter that as a result of this decision, the Atlantic Coast Conference and FSU were “denied $2 million in revenue sharing,” but that it was “more than the total economic impact that playoff contention would have on FSU.” It’s just a small part of it,” he wrote.


“While there are countless other concerns and arguments that could be voiced here, the main issue is that the failure to address the presumed impact of losing a single player mistakenly ignores the known strength of an undefeated team. It is a just recognition of a fair system,” Scott wrote. .

“While we do not believe the committee’s decision will be reversed to give FSU’s hard-fought undefeated season justice, as the committee has done against other undefeated Power Five conference champions in recent years, this decision I believe there will be full transparency as to what led to this.” That would be very good for the committee, the entire CFP, and the college football community. ”

Scott provided a list of 10 pieces of information he would like the committee to consider and act on, including written communications between members leading up to the decision, notes, recordings and other information related to the presentation.

Fox News Digital reached out to Corrigan, but he did not immediately respond.

Florida State will play Georgia on Dec. 30, and many believe Georgia also deserves a playoff berth.



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