Florence Pugh hit in face by object thrown during a ‘Dune: Part Two’ panel

Florence Pugh was shocked when she was hit in the face by an object thrown from the crowd during a Dune: Part 2 panel at Comic Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday.

The incident occurred as Pugh, 27, was posing for a photo near the edge of the stage alongside her co-stars Timothee Shalamat, Austin Butler and Zendaya.

Officials said the unidentified object appeared to have come from the audience above and landed directly in Pugh’s eye. social media video. When she yelled, “Wow,” Charamat, Butler, 32, and Zendaya, 27, all looked to the floor to see what it was.

The “Wonka” actor, 27, appeared to lean over and ask, “Are you okay?” To Mr. Pew.

Until that moment, the “Oppenheimer” actress seemed to be in good spirits with the rest of the cast.

Florence Pugh and the cast of “Dune: Part 2” in Brazil on December 3, 2023. @timmostea/X

“I had a great time just coming in and just hanging out with them, let alone actually working with them,” she said. “Coming here, there’s a power in this room because of that first movie, and we felt it every day on set. So here we are with the second one. It feels really, really special.”

The Little Women star is just the latest victim of a disturbing trend of fans throwing things at performers on stage.

In June, a fan threw a glass of liquid at Cardi B during her performance at Dry’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, and in the same month, Kelsea Ballerini had an object thrown at her face during a performance on her Heart First tour.

Florence Pugh appeared to have been hit in the eye by an object thrown from above. @timmostea/X
“Dune: Part 2” is scheduled to be released in theaters on March 1, 2024. @timmostea/X
The latest film in the series is directed by Denis Villeneuve. @timmostea/X

“I’m fine. Someone threw a bracelet and it hit me in the eye. It just scared me more than it hurt me. We all deserve much more than what’s shown here. “That’s why I stepped off stage to make sure myself, the band, crew, and audience were safe enough to continue,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories the next day. wrote. After a show at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, Idaho.

“All I’ve ever wanted is for the show to feel like a safe space for all of us. I love you and I appreciate your concern,” she continued. .

In another incident, Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a cell phone during a concert in New York City in June. She was escorted off stage and required stitches above her eyebrow by her medical team.

The singer was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, and the 27-year-old man involved was arrested.

Florence Pugh attends Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2024 womenswear show in Paris, France in October 2023. Getty Images

Meanwhile, Adele spoke out about concertgoers “throwing” objects at one of her Las Vegas residency shows in July.

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting show etiquette right now? People are throwing s— on stage. Have you ever seen that? Adele, 35, according to a fan video. asked before joking. I’ll kill you.”

When using the T-shirt gun at one point, she said: It’s quite the opposite. I have to go back and return the T-shirt gun. ”

She added: “These guys have lost it. Can you imagine?”