Florida judge who will sentence Brendan Depa goes easy in separate case

A Florida judge will soon sentence Brendan Depa, the autistic teenager who knocked out his teacher over a Nintendo Switch, in an unrelated high-profile case last week. He cut two young defendants short.

Judge Terrence Perkins sentenced Gabriela Aro, 18, to six years in prison for sadistically beating the terrified teenage victim and running over a good Samaritan who tried to intervene. According to Flagler Live.

The site reported that before the assault incident in Flagler County in January, Aro had racked up 764 violations in just one quarter of school.

Prosecutors recommended a 15-year sentence, but Perkins, who is seen as a balanced arbitrator by local lawyers, said Aro had severe mental health issues and expressed remorse. He pointed out that he was doing so.

He plans to consider similar considerations in the case of Mr. Depa, a large teenager who has come under national scrutiny for punching and stomping former Matanzas High School teacher Joanne Neidich more than a dozen times in February. is.

Mr. Neidich is pushing for Mr. Depa to face up to 30 years in prison, but Mr. Perkins has the option of a lighter sentence, such as probation.

Gabriela Aro, 18, and her brother Nicholas, 22, were sentenced last week. Flagler Beach Police
Brendan Deppa is scheduled to be sentenced in February for beating teacher Joanne Neidich. Flagler County South

The traumatized teacher said she still suffers both physically and mentally from the beating.

Lawyers for the department store that assaulted Neidich after his Nintendo Switch was taken away have argued that Neidich suffers from severe autism and other disabilities, which reduces his liability for the virus attack. The footage was captured on the school’s surveillance camera.

Depa’s adoptive mother, Leanne Depa told NewsNation She argued that a prison sentence amounted to a “death penalty” for her son, who should never have been allowed into a traditional school environment.

Prosecutors said Aro and his brother filmed the assault at a local park in January and could be heard laughing and taunting the victim as they kicked and punched him in front of jeering onlookers. That’s what it means.

After leaving the scene for a while, they returned and resumed their attack.

Meanwhile, a woman and her mother who lived near the scene heard the commotion and stopped to investigate.

Florida Circuit Court Judge Terrence Perkins @TheFlaBar/X
Aro ran over Caitlin Dahme twice after the waitress tried to intervene in the assault. Click on Orlando
Department store pictured with family faces up to 30 years in prison for assault Lian Depa

Local waitress Caitlin Dahme mistook Alo’s car for her brother’s and ran towards the commotion, believing her brother was in danger.

Aro then jumped in his car and ran over Dahme twice, shattering his ankle and injuring his leg.

Aro’s brother Nicholas, 22, was present during part of the assault and was also a passenger in the car that hit Dahme. Perkins sentenced him to two years in prison.

Considering the length of time served and other factors, Gabriela Aro could leave the organization in as little as four years.

“I can’t take it back, but if I could take it back, I would definitely take it back,” she tearfully told the court, according to Flagler Live. “I hope to make better decisions in the future,” she said.

A psychologist testified that Aro had a surprising number of incidents of assault before the one that was filmed.

She and her brother have been taking drugs since they were young, and both have been charged with misconduct in prison since their January arrests.



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