Florida Man Allegedly Beats Grandmother’s to Death with Hammer

A Florida man was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer.

Bloody Anthony Michael Corrado, 34, allegedly asked his housekeeper to clean the crime scene, Fox News report.When an anonymous housekeeper asked Mr. Corrado where his grandmother was, he replied, ‘Her grandmother is gone,’ law and crime report. The victim was in the bedroom, wrapped in a blue sheet.

The housekeeper heard shallow breathing and opened the package to find Corrado’s grandmother with a plastic bag over her head. Corrado reportedly told her not to take it off because “there’s blood everywhere.” Corrado’s grandfather was at the grocery store at the time.

A housekeeper told the 34-year-old woman that she needed to get cleaning supplies out of her car. She drove off to warn the authorities. When the authorities arrived at the Naples mansion, they found a gruesome scene. A bloody hammer was found on the kitchen counter.grandfather was found alive in a blanket “He had numerous serious injuries to his head and back consistent with being hit with a hammer.” He was taken by helicopter to a nearby trauma center for treatment.

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New York Police Department

Police said there were blood stains on Corrado’s shirt, shorts, boots, shins and forehead Naples News report.

Corrado’s grandmother had issued a restraining order against her grandson. Just last year, he was released from prison for parole violations.

Sheriff Kevin Lambosk said: “Thanks to the swift response of lawmakers and a quick-witted reporter who was able to escape from the mansion and alert law enforcement, this person is in our custody.” said.

Corrado is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on June 12.

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