‘Florida Man’ Is At It Again, And It’s About The Most Pure America Thing You Can Think Of

All that’s missing is a Trump flag!

A camera captured a Florida man boating in Big Pine Key, Florida, with what appears to be a half semi-truck, half pontoon, which is not only the most ‘Florida Man’ thing you can do, but it’s about the most American thing you can think of.

I mean, seriously … what’s more American than a half semi-truck, half pontoon riding around in the water?

The hamburger? The pitbull? A case of high-powered guns? (RELATED: Video Shows Florida Police Removing Alligator From Hotel Bathtub)

Definitely that last one, but my point is: there aren’t many things more American than this beaut, and it’s like I said earlier, all that’s missing is a Trump flag. As a matter of fact, you can have the Trump flag on one side and a gorgeous American flag flying on the other.

Now we’re really cooking up some pure America!

Just check out this bad boy:

Man, I love it when Florida and America mix … this is the exact result you get.

Though don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen how people get down in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and the rest of the South. Y’all are doing similar things to this creative genius.

Writing this blog reminds me how much I love Americans and the warm-blooded, rugged spirit of Americana!

We really do live in the greatest country in the world, ladies and gentlemen. We’re just too damn cool.