Florida takes penalty against Utah for 2 players wearing same number

College football is back, but the University of Florida seemed less prepared for a punt situation after losing 24-11 to the Utah Uts in Salt Lake City Thursday night.

With 9 minutes and 38 seconds left in the second quarter against Utah, the Gators, who were trailing 7-3, forced a punt and seemed to take the initiative in their own half, but after that, the two players were the same. He was penalized for wearing his jersey number.

Punts typically expect teams to be flagged for offsides, holdings, illegal blocks, or encounter punters.

This time, however, Florida had two players on the field, Jason Marshall Jr. and Eugene Wilson, both wearing No. 3 jerseys for equipment violations.

ESPN’s Chris Fowler explained that Marshall was supposed to wear the number 33, but somehow didn’t change it before the game.

Wilson caught the ball at the Gators’ own 5-yard line, but a 5-yard penalty in a 4-and-3 situation gave Utah a first down, wiping out the fair catch entirely.

The Yutes capitalized on that blunder, then Nate Johnson scrambled through the entire Florida defense to attack the quarterback keeper for 27 yards and scored four plays.

There was a lot written about the Florida incident on social media.

Eugene Wilson rushes the ball in the first half against Utah at Rice-Eccles Stadium.
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“Equipment violations on the Florida field. Football is back in full swing.” Some user wrote to Xwas twitter before.

Another said: “Florida is unserious. ‘Equipment breach.'”

One user used a lot of exaggeration to vehemently claim the penalty.

Jason Marshall Jr. was one of two players wearing the number 3 jersey.
Jason Marshall Jr. was one of two players wearing the number 3 jersey.

“In Florida, they had two players wearing number 3 on the field during a punt and it cost them and it’s the toughest penalty ever to be a TD! That’s Florida equipment.” I am in charge of the team.” they wrote.

Things haven’t improved much in Florida since then, with the Gators trailing 24-3 in the third quarter.

The Gators are looking to improve on a mediocre 2022 that ended with a 6-7 record.

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