Footage Shows Nashville Shooter Holding Carbine, Not AR-15

Surveillance photos and video footage show that the 28-year-old transgender suspect who attacked a Christian school in Nashville used a carbine that fired pistols rather than an AR-15.

The 28-year-old was armed with three guns, police took pictures of the guns and found the AR-15 was not one of them.

Firearms were AR pistols, handguns and carbines. The type of carbine possessed by the attacker uses 9mm or .40 caliber handgun ammunition.

Surveillance video suggests the attacker may have used an AR pistol to shoot through the front door glass, shattering it. However, in photos and videos showing her walking down the halls looking for potential targets for her, she carries a carbine.

As she approaches the school office, she can be seen holding a carbine in the following video:

NPR report The attacker used a handgun and “two AR-style guns,” which she did not. she had a carbine — Not an “AR-style” gun — AR pistols and handguns.

Gun control activist David Hogg has been pushing for a ban on AR-15 rifles since the attack on the Christian school. Retweet CNN’s Josh Campbell’s post-Nashville claim claims that “the AR-15 style rifle is the weapon of choice for the country’s deadliest mass shooter.”

hog ever gone Tweet“If you believe an AR 15 is worth more than a child, you are an enemy of the American people.”

However, MNPD photos show that the attacker did not have an AR-15 rifle. Surveillance photos and videos of her show her walking down her corridors with a pistol-class carbine.

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