Former Biden aide to serve as Harris’ chief of staff on 2024 campaign

A long-time Democratic official with strong ties to President Biden and First Lady will join the president’s re-election campaign as chief of staff to Vice President Harris, who is expected to be a front-runner.

Sheila Nix, currently chief of staff to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, is expected to join the campaign in an official capacity in the coming weeks. Nicks previously served as Jill Biden’s chief of staff when Joe Biden was vice president, and she served as an adviser during his 2020 campaign.

“Sheila Nix is ​​a seasoned leader and dedicated public servant who we thank for agreeing to join our campaign in 2024,” Harris said in a statement released by the campaign. “Sheila is no expert on campaigns or the Biden Harris team. Sheila’s strategic sense and ability to navigate challenges made her a valuable advisor to me on her 2020 General Election team. President Biden and I will continue to rely on Sheila’s advice and expertise.”

“Sheila will be a great asset to the campaign and to us. @VP. Competent, trustworthy and kind,” Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Muñoz tweeted Wednesday night.

Axios first reported that Knicks would join the Biden campaign as a close aide to Harris.

The vice president is likely to play a key role as the 2024 election campaign heats up. She has become the administration’s most prominent spokesperson on the issue of access to abortion, which will be central to the 2024 campaign.

And polls repeatedly show voters are concerned about the president’s age, and Harris may have been more critical than most vice presidents in previous campaigns.

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