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Former Eagles star says ex-head coach Chip Kelly was ‘uncomfortable’ around Black players

The promising Chip Kelly era in Philadelphia ended in a huge disappointment, but LeSean McCoy seemed to hint that the dynamic between players and coaches was a factor.

Kelly joined the Eagles in 2013 looking to usher in a new era of football with one of the most dynamic offenses in league history.

However, he only lasted three years with the Birds before spending one season with the 49ers before returning to college.


Eagles head coach Chip Kelly before a game against the Buffalo Bills at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on December 13, 2015. (Mitchell Lev/Getty Images)

The Eagles are Kelly’s first NFL appearance after serving as head coach for four seasons at the University of Oregon. But McCoy, who was the team’s star running back at the time, doesn’t think the pressure of the NFL necessarily fell on Kelly.

In a podcast episode titled “The Truth About Chip Kelly” McCoy and his co-host and former teammate DeSean Jackson eviscerated the former coach and the way he treated certain players.

“I’ve never met a coach who was uncomfortable with the way he treated black players…” McCoy said.

One example McCoy noted was running backs coach Duce Staley providing advice to Kelly rather than McCoy getting advice directly from the source.

LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy speaks with head coach Chip Kelly on the sideline during a Jacksonville Jaguars game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on September 7, 2014. (Mitchell Lev/Getty Images)

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“I say this because I’m like, ‘These are not your words.’ [to Staley], “Where did you get that?” Why would you say that? ‘Because me and him had a great relationship. [Staley said]“Chip wants you to do this and that…” He never says that.

McCoy also said white players felt the same way, noting that Kelly told black players to “cut their hair to look better.”

He also said that Kelly had been distancing Black players from Riley Cooper shortly after the phone receiver went viral for using the N-word at a concert.

Chip Kelly on the field for the Eagles

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly after the first half of a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 22, 2015 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images)


“I had a good relationship with Coop,” McCoy said. ”[I thought], “There’s no way he’s a racist…” But I wanted to talk to him. Chip made it so that no one could even talk to him and no one could even talk to him. And I’m thinking, “How could that happen?” Do you say this or that and just say “I’m sorry” and walk away and never say anything about it? [Kelly] He hid all of that from us. ”

He also criticized Kelly for releasing Jackson after the best season of his career following speculation that Kelly was involved in gang activity, which Jackson denied. He traded McCoy for Kiko Alonso from Oregon State. And they let Jeremy Maclin, who led the team in catches and yards in 2014, walk.

Fox News reached out to Ohio State University, where Kelly currently coaches, for comment, but did not receive a response.

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