Former Moscow correspondent predicts what awaits detained Wall Street Journal reporter in Russia

An American journalist was arrested in Russia on Thursday on suspicion of espionage, sparking widespread outrage among news outlets and leaders.

Details of the charges remain unclear, but one former Russia correspondent expressed concern about the fate of the Wall Street Journal reporter.

“The fact that we know he’s been charged gives us an idea of ​​what might be in store for him as he’s being charged with espionage, a very serious crime. ‘ said former NPR Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim on Saturday’s Fox News Live.

“He will likely face a closed trial. We probably won’t quite know what the specific charges are, and he will likely be found guilty.”

Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovic was arrested Thursday while reporting in Yekaterinburg, about 800 miles east of Moscow, by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and detained on suspicion of espionage.FSB is considered the successor to the infamous Soviet KGB. Russia’s state-run news agency TASS reported that Gerszkovic had been ordered to be held in custody until May 29. The New York Times reported that if past incidents were any indication, he could be sent to a high-security prison. He reported that he could be detained for more than a year.

Wall Street Journal defends reporter after Russia arrests him on espionage charges

Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovic has been detained by Russian authorities on suspicion of spying. (Fox News)

Gerszkovic is the first American journalist to be arrested and charged with espionage in Russia since US News & World Report correspondent Nicholas Danilov in 1986. Danilov was released in a prisoner exchange after being held for two weeks.

Kim, who worked in Moscow for about 13 years, said Putin’s invasion of Ukraine dramatically changed the situation for foreign journalists in Russia.

“All the time I was there, foreign journalists worked with a certain sense of impunity. We were not subject to all kinds of strict laws. “I was writing for an audience. The Kremlin was actually . Everything changed with the beginning of Putin’s full-scale invasion,” Kim explained.

“Many U.S. news outlets have poached their correspondents for fear of violating new laws against spreading so-called fake news or discrediting the Russian military. and those laws. Evan is being charged with espionage, a very serious crime.”

Wall Street Journal journalist imprisoned in Russia admired by colleagues for charisma and courage

Kim, who met a WSJ reporter while working in Moscow, said Gerszkovic was a dedicated reporter with a special interest in Russia.

“Evan is a very dedicated reporter. His parents were immigrants from the Soviet Union and he grew up speaking Russian. It was a big topic. What was going on inside Russia? is directed to Ukraine. What is really happening inside Russia, especially because of all these strict laws? That’s what drove him to go there and continue reporting I think it’s something.

Multiple media outlets have condemned Russia’s move, and the White House is complicit in the situation.

When asked about Gerszkovic’s imprisonment on Friday, President Biden replied, “Let him go,” sending a clear message to Moscow.

Putin Uses WSJ Reporter to ‘Destabilize’ Russia, Expert Says

Kim believes Gershkovic is a “hostage” and that as tensions rise between the United States and Russia, many other Americans may fall victim to a similar fate.

Former CIA Director and Fox News contributor Daniel Hoffman and former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Rebekah Koffler shared their confidence with Fox News Digital. Release of Gerszkovic It is due to trade between the United States and Russia.

“Anyone who says something nice about Vladimir Putin should think twice. This is what he does,” Hoffman said. “Look, this is how he treats [the] Pure. “

“[Russia knows] We are very sensitive to our personal lives. The culture in the United States is such that all lives matter…that’s the quintessential Putin example of hostage diplomacy,” Koffler said. why do they do that? Because you taught them that it works. ”


As the war in Ukraine escalates as it seeks support from its Western allies, friction between the United States and Russia escalates, putting journalists like Gerszkovic in a dangerous position.

“Unfortunately it seems like Evan. I hate to say these words, but he’s become a pawn in this kind of game,” Kim said. We can only imagine if there is.”

Fox News’ Brian Flood and David Rutz contributed to this report.

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