Former Tenant Charged With Arson In Connection To Apartment Fire That Killed Four: Police

A Massachusetts woman was indicted by a Grand Jury on four second degree murder charges Thursday for allegedly starting a fire at an apartment building that she used to reside that killed four this past spring.

The former tenant, 36-year-old Yvonne Ngoiri, is now facing four murder charges, as well as two counts of arson of a dwelling in connection with the fire that took place at an apartment building back in May, according to a press release by the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office.

The fire Nigori is accused of starting took place on May 14 at 2 Gage Street in the western Massachusetts city of Worcester. Nigori once called an apartment at 2 Gage Street home, according to prosecutors.

First responders showed up at the scene of the triple-decker home ablaze at around 3:30 a.m. responding to the four-alarm fire, according to the release.

Four men died as a result of the building being burned due to excessive smoke inhalation and thermal injuries. Several other residents were injured. (RELATED: Police Believe Decomposing Body Found In Apartment Is Most Likely Epstein Associate)

As the apartment building burned, one resident reportedly dove out of a window to avert the flames and became seriously injured, the statement said. Two other residents were treated at a Worcester hospital for smoke inhalation.

The flames also damaged another building adjacent to 2 Gage St. on the next street over.

A team of local, state and federal investigators concluded that the origins of the fire were “incendiary.”

Worcester Police took Ngoiri into custody  Thursday. She is expected for arraignment in Worcester Superior Court on Friday. (RELATED: ‘The Town Remembers’: Firefighters Quit After Arsonist Suddenly Named Chief)

Additionally, Ngori is facing two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, according to the statement.

Prosecutors did not disclose a perceived motive behind the blaze.

The Gage Street apartment building was demolished over the Summer, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported.

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